The Romans Revival: Second Time’s The Charm?

Blizzard, Club Penguin Rewritten, CP Army Media Headquarters – An army that has very recently fallen victim to inactivity has reopened their doors and announced a comeback for a new generation: the Romans.

First inaugurated back in 2006 as a tenacious contender during the Color Wars, the Romans are known to many in the community as one of the first armies that came into existence alongside the Army of Club Penguin. Beginning as the “Team Red” rogue group, creator Explorer7777 reformed them with a Roman helmet as their signature item.

The Roman army in 2006

On November 2nd, 2019, Smurf announced the return of the Romans to this new era of Club Penguin warfare in a post entitled “The Resurgence of an Empire, The Restoration of a Legacy”. Maxing sizes of 15+ in a recruiting event, the army quickly descended into inactivity only 2 weeks into their reopening.

On the 10th of February, 2020, the Romans returned from their period of inactivity with an opening event, attaining sizes of 13 with a respectable average of 10 throughout. Legate Dino commented on their comeback in the results post, stating: “We successfully did some great tactics and will show CPAM that Romans will dominate the competition”. They have more events scheduled for the rest of this week and have high hopes to place well in this week’s Top Ten.

Romans reopening event

This current generation of the army has returned under a triumvirate of three leaders: Smurf, Dino and Cobra. This marks the Romans’ second generation in this new era for Club Penguin warfare, where armies have adopted CPPSes such as CP Rewritten for events. In an exclusive interview, Dino told CP Army Media that he hopes this generation will be more successful than the first, which saw the Romans engage in several wars with the United Republic of Penguin and Club Penguin Crew. The army previously ceased on March 2nd, 2018, and remained dormant until now. When asked why this generation will succeed, Dino answered firmly: “It’s simple: the CPPS community wasn’t stable enough for us when we first tried reviving on CPR. Now that we have an effective recruiting strategy and more preparation, this generation will do better. In fact, we recently maxed 14. Something we haven’t done since 2017 or really at all during our CPR gens”. 

The army in February 2018, one month before it’s closure.

Dino also revealed plans to establish European and ‘AUSIA’ divisions, as well as up their recruitment drive. Both of these support his long term vision for the army: “to show the community that the Romans will never disappear.” In terms of foreign relations, the Romans have established an alliance with the newly formed Team Yellow Army. Similarly, negotiations with the leaderships of the Army of CP and Rebel Penguin Federation are currently ongoing, with an outcome yet to be reached. When quizzed on upcoming plans for war, Dino shut this idea down quickly and stated there are no current plans, and such information would be kept under tight wraps from the public.

Albeit inaugurating with a strong foothold, a second training session on February 11th maxed a total of 9, in which they failed to take any event pictures, seeing some internal struggles due to a “lack of leaders online”. Considering the almost 3-month hiatus the army took, and facing such issues only a day into their new generation, it poses the question: can the Romans really bounce back, or will this second event serve as a foreshadowing of what’s to come?

What do YOU think? Will the Romans be able to regain their foothold within the community, or will they eventually fall victim to inactivity? Let us know your thoughts in comment section below!


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  1. Semper Invictus, Roma Invicta.

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