Top Ten Armies [ 9/02 – 15/02 ]

Blizzard, Club Penguin Army Media HQ – Presenting before you the First Top Ten of the Organization, With some shocking downfalls and uplifts !

Top Ten Armies

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [ 79 ] 

2. Team Yellow Army [ 58 ]

3. Army of Club Penguin [ 53.8 ]

4. Help Force [ 40.33 ]

5. Romans [ 30.42 ]

6. Os Mascarados [ 21.83 ]

7. Pizza Federation [ 8.66 ]

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Rebel Penguin Federation –

The Rebel Penguin Federation had an Eventful week with 11 Events in total. They started their week with a Branch Battle in which they maxed a Solid 40 Rebels. The same day saw an AUSIA Hide and Seek maxing 30 Penguins on CPR. February 11th saw another AUSIA Event in which the RPF got 22 Rebels participating. The next day, they had a US Domination Event maxing 40, and a Card Jitsu Tournament in which they maxed 38 Penguins. Feb 13th saw 2 Events, One which was Unscheduled in which the army maxed around 34 Penguins, and an EU Training maxing 32. The next day, They had an AUSIA Gold Mining Event maxing 19 Penguins and a Massive Cupid Event in which they managed to get 48 Penguins online. To finish off with their week, They had an AUSIA Event getting 19 Rebels and a Branch Puffle Battle getting a hefty 60 Max.

Team Yellow Army –

Team Yellow Army had an eventful week with many Invasions and significant sizes by doing a total of 10 Events. They started their week with a U Lead Event maxing 24 Penguins and a War Training in which they managed 16 Troops online. The next day, they had an Invasion of Hypothermia in CPW where they maxed 25 Troops, defeating the OMA. The same day they had a Cake Event getting 8 Troops. On Tuesday, they had a Successful Invasion of Breeze in which they maxed 18 Troops. Next day saw another War training in which TYA managed to get 23 Troops online. With another Invasion, TYA maxed 24 on Thursday ending their war with OMA. TYA had an Unscheduled Event on Friday in which they maxed 10 Troops. They ended their week with a Training maxing 12 and an Invasion of Peppermint maxing 15.

Army of Club Penguin –

ACP managed to have 10 events this week. Their week started off with the Anniversary Party, where they hit a max of 26, the same day their US division held a Speed Training Event which had a max of 9 penguins. A Crab Rave event was hosted the next day hitting a max 11. Soon after was a Mining Expedition which got an attendance of 20 penguins. A Bring Your Puffle To Work Day event managed to max 10 members of ACP. ACP’s US Training that same day hit 18 penguins. Their Spec Ops Operation: Turn CPR Green hit a hefty 14 penguins! On Valentines Day, ACP’s event with a name of said day, managed to max 23. Another US Training event was held this week, with ACP managing to get 15 penguins online! To finish the week off, their Puffle Party Spec Ops hit numbers of 13!

Help Force –

After a series of Leadership changes and the server slowing down, The Help Force had a slow but a significant week with 2 Events in total. On February 13th, they logged into CPR to host their Dance Party Event where they managed to get 30+ Helpers online. To end their week, they had a Huge Revival Event under their New Leaders in which they managed to get 36 Helpers intact.

Romans –

The Romans of Club Penguin had an eventful week with 7 Events in total. They started their week with an AM Training Session in which they maxed 13 Penguins on CPR. The next day, they had another AM Training where they maxed 9 Penguins. Going with the flow, an unscheduled UK Event was done by the army in which they managed to get a solid 5 Romans online. Another AM Training session was scheduled on the next day in which they managed to get 7 Troops online. The same day they had an Unscheduled Recruiting session with 4 People participating in it. February 14th saw an AM Training again, in which they got 6 Troops online. To end the week, They held a US Event where they maxed 8 Romans on CPR.

Os Mascarados –

Os Mascarados hosted 3 events this week! Their week started with the Defense of the CPW server Hypothermia, where they managed to max 9 penguins. A few days later they had a similar defense against TYA. This time the server they were defending being CPW’s Breeze, where they once again maxed 9. Soon after the defense, they ended their week with a training event on CPW that had a max of 7.

Pizza Federation –

Pizza Federation had only 1 Event this week, Where they managed to max 7 Penguins at a Recruiting Session.

Good Job to every army who managed to get on the Top Ten ! With the spurt of new major armies, The Competition is growing tougher. Join our Discord from Here to make sure you’re up to date with Regular Updates and Interesting News !
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