ACP Declares war on Romans

Blizzard, Club Penguin Armies Media HQ On February 22nd, 2020, the Army of Club Penguin officially declared war against the Romans of Club Penguin. The reason: a scandal and poor insight in Roman leadership.

In this past week of February, a multilogging scandal has exposed itself involving Team Yellow Army, an army which had been sitting on allegations of multilogging after attention was brought to Club Penguin Armies Media (CPAM) by a former Army of Club Penguin (ACP) legend: Mchappy. Event pictures for Team Yellow Army posted from multiple Club Penguin accounts highlighted the possibility that Darklink, leader of Team Yellow Army, might have been operating a multilogging scheme to boost the army’s numbers. At first, Darklink denied the allegations, but shortly admitted to the unfair behavior after further evidence proving his involvement in multilogging for Team Yellow Army arose. Allegations of troop stealing have also been made against the army, but they have not been fully investigated at this time.

You can find the post regarding that HERE

Both ACP and the Romans had previously expressed distaste in Team Yellow Army’s actions involving multilogging. However, conflict between these two armies ensued following an action made by Roman leadership; one side saw it as a gracious act of acceptance and forgiveness, while the other saw it as a disgusting act that betrayed the moral principles of fairness that have been established since the founding of the Club Penguin Armies community. After Darklink expressed that he wished to not lead Team Yellow Army following his army’s scandal, Roman leadership allowed for the army to merge, effectively increasing the size and power of their empire while highlighting their sympathetic nature. Darklink was appointed a leadership position in the Romans following the merge. Roman officials claim that they did not realize “…the implications of allowing a merge to happen at the time.”

There were implications that made themselves prominent shortly after the merge was discovered by ACP: The Army of Club Penguin swiftly reacted to the Romans’ decision to allow a merge by promptly declaring war on the army this week, as ACP leadership believed their decision encouraged cheating/troop stealing behavior, though these actions have not been proven to be committed by any soldiers or authority figures who represent the Romans of Club Penguin at this time.

On the same day that ACP issued their declaration of war – February 22nd – Roman leadership realized that the war had begun due to “…poor decisions,” and were brisk to reverse the effects of their choice. It was quickly decided that Team Yellow Army would be unmerged from the Roman army as soon as possible, an act that was jumpstarted by SMRF, a Roman leader.

Now that Team Yellow Army has no association with the Romans of Club Penguin, the war has taken a lighthearted turn. ACP officials have noted that their prime concern was with Team Yellow Army and the individuals who represented the army; the removal of those individuals has inevitably led to a much more ‘jovial’ war, now built on entertainment rather than a clashing of morals. Both armies have noted that the experience has improved since the unmerging of the two entities, although their perspectives on the war are entirely different. ACP leadership has noted that the war has led to a physical increase, as well as an increase in morale. However, some Roman leadership officials believe their army’s time could be spent engaging in more productive activities, such as “hanging out” and “recruiting.”

A minuscule amount of battles have occurred between the two armies, highlighting the freshness of this war. The Army of Club Penguin seems to be pulling ahead as of this time, bringing in maxes around the low-to-mid twenties, while Roman maxes have hovered around the mid-teens. With the de-escalation of tensions between the two armies, large numbers do not seem to be vital as the war is operating purely for entertainment purposes at this point.

CP Army Media’s Conclusion

The Roman leadership, realizing it is not an ideal time to be suffering from internal struggles, made an essential decision – in their eyes – to remove any traces of Team Yellow Army for the well being of their army. In this community, we must accept that individuals make mistakes, but it is the decisions these individuals make in response to their mistakes that highlight who they truly are. Did the Romans make a competent move, or are they making a mistake by unmerging Team Yellow Army and casting Darklink out of the army, both of which could be valuable assets to them? Is Darklink being treated too harshly for a mistake that many others have previously made as well in the Club Penguin Armies community? 

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