Army of CP and Help Force: Battle In Review

Blizzard, Club Penguin Armies Media HQ – On February 29, 2020, the Army of Club Penguin (ACP) and Help Force (HF) held a practice battle on Club Penguin Rewritten’s Beanie. The battle commenced in rooms Ice Rink, Underground Pool, and Inside Mine. This exciting stand-off featured quick tactics from both sides, as well as witty responses. Army of Club Penguin maxed 34+ and Help Force held a max of 30+. To find out the results of the battle, read below!


One of the first few tactics from ACP and HF

The first room, the Ice Rink, gave both armies a blazing start. ACP used emote tactics to their advantage while HF performed more word tactics. ACP was quick with their tactics, but HF carried the formations of the room. As a result, the winner of this room was ACP.



More tactics from the Ice Rink

In the next room, the Underground Pool, both armies kept up their momentum. ACP took over with word tactics during this portion of the battle, but fell short on formations. HF was covered up by ACP for some of their tactics, but performed cleaner formations.

The judge of the battle, Emcee, said about the room:

ACP seemed a little lost and lacked form variation, especially in the second room and I made it a tie.



Underground Pool tactics

The final room, Inside Mine, was an exciting finish to the battle. The two armies varied their usage of emotes and word tactics more than the previous rooms. ACP covered HF through their tactics, but HF still held the reins on formations. The winner of this room was ACP.



Inside Mine tactics

The winner of this battle was the Army of Club Penguin!

The Army of Club Penguin held a slight size advantage and well-performed tactics. Help Force proved to be a force to be reckoned with, pulling through despite their mild size difference. Well done to both armies!

What do you think of this battle? What other battles would you like CPAM to cover?
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CP Armies Media Editor

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