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Blizzard, Club Penguin Armies Media HQ – On the 29th of February, one day after Emcee, an Executive Producer here at CPAM, appealed to the army community to pull together and raise $33, it was achieved entirely through one donor. As a result of this donation, CPATG (Club Penguin Armies: The Game) will be joining forces with CPAM to provide all armies within the community a platform for battles and owning land once again.


RPF vs ACP in the Holiday Finals in early January, in which over 100 penguins were online.

During the existence of CPA, the CPATG private server was used as a method of showing who owned what land with each server being “owned” by an army. This was used as a way of telling which armies were the strongest, while other armies focused on the amount of land they have. It also allowed for battles to be held away from CPR with no rogues alongside the fact that army names are not censored on this army based CPPS.

Since CPA died and a lot of armies have transitioned into new phases of their history, CPATG has been dormant and unused. Superhero, the manager of CPATG, has since joined our team and is glad to bring over the CPPS for us all to enjoy here. We needed to raise $33 in 3 days and one amazing donor donated it all in one. An interview with the donor, Sirplus, will be published in the days to follow.

This money raised is not for only the VPS and the domain name, but also to ensure that some continuous updates can be afforded on the CPPS to ensure the quality of life alongside small little updates, such as parties within the game to ensure it stays fresh and exciting.  Superhero himself has let me know that there a range of different updates planned to ensure the warfare between Club Penguin Armies stays fresh, unique but most importantly true to its heritage.

The reclamation of the CPPS means that tournaments are once again able to happen upon it, such as the great Holiday Championships. There are plenty of competitions and tournaments planned with the first one possibly coming up in late March, where armies can fight it out to see who truly is the greatest of them all.


 A picture of CPATG’s home screen just before logging on.

Another key aspect will be territory — there are a whopping 48 servers for armies to fight over and trade. This has been a key part of CP armies since the start of armies, with each army declaring its own capital, transferring servers, and more.

Going forward, the collaboration is a great move for both the future of armies and ensuring that CPAM continues to grow. Having a universal CPPS to battle it out, host tournaments on, and expand upon allows armies to have an unbiased and unique experience.

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