J&K’s Army Troop Interviews: Vinzed N


Welcome to J&K’s Army Troop Interviews! Here, Jason & Kavacado, Reporters Trainee of the Club Penguin Armies Media, are taking interesting interviews from penguins from all around Club Penguin Armies. From the lowest recruits to the highest-ranked leaders, everyone can express and describe their opinion and point of view about this wonderful community.

Today we will be interviewing Vinzed N, a Captain in the Rebel Penguin Federation!


Jason: So Mr Vinzed N, how are you today?

Vinzed N: I’m doing pretty ok 

Kava: That’s good to hear, so how did you join in RPF?

Vinzed N: Well, kinda longish story… I was playing CPR, I found them. I then played rouge at a few of their events, before I joined

Jason: Oh that sounds cool lol. Anyway, what’s your rank nowadays?

Vinzed N: Captain

Jason: From a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the highest), how much power does a captain have?

Vinzed N: Eh, well around a 3. No more than a private and no less than a major

Kava: Well, I hope you’re promoted in the future!

Vinzed N: Thanks!

Kava: Now, how is it to be in RPF?

Vinzed N: Quite fun, really! There’s almost always people you can talk to. We got events every now and then so there’s that. So yeah, it’s fresh!

Jason: Yeah that sounds like the ideal army

Vinzed N:

Jason: What’s your favourite part about the army?

Vinzed N: The atmosphere. It’s always inviting! You talk and everyone says hi!

Jason: Lol yeah I understand

Kava: Have you ever been in other armies?

Vinzed N: No, I joined the army scene around last year

Jason: Oh you’re kinda new to this thing

Vinzed N: Ehhh

Jason: Anyways, what are your hobbies outside of CPA

Vinzed N: I play the violin, I eat and breathe, I go to school, Otherwise I don’t do much else

Jason: You breath huh? That sounds cool

Vinzed N: It is

Kava:The others sound cool too! Anyway, what’s your opinion about CPA in general?

Vinzed N: In its past, kind of a mess. But right now, it’s like a group project with no deadline. People do what they’re supposed to, there’s drama, you throw in a bit of animosity, it’s just a little hodgepodge of people doing what they want.

Jason: That’s the best description of CPA I’ve ever heard (in my opinion)

Vinzed N: Thanks!

Jason: So, do you have any ridiculous goals in life?

Vinzed N: Learn how to cook, learn how to drive, learn how to do word bombs, maybe become a writer

Jason: That’s ridiculous lol

Kava: Ridiculous indeed.

Vinzed N: I know right?

Kava: yeah :”), anyways, spontaneous but what’s your favourite colour?

Vinzed N: Darkish reddish/brownish, like an old wood desk

Jason: That’s really specific lol, interesting.

Kava: Anyway, thanks for being here with us and for your time!

Vinzed N: :smile:

Be sure to keep an eye out for next weeks interview! Who knows? Maybe you could be our next interviewee! Be sure to DM either katerina#9039 or Jason6331#3481 on Discord if you would like to be interviewed!


Club Penguin Armies Media Reporter 


Club Penguin Armies Media Reporter 

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