Battle Review: Rebel Penguin Federation and Help Force

Blizzard, CP Army Media Headquarters – Two of the community’s largest forces, the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Help Force, recently engaged in an exciting practice battle.

Rebel Penguin Federation (RPF) against Help Force (HF) was a battle that has been hotly anticipated since it was announced earlier in the week. Having placed first in last week’s Top Ten Armies, RPF was anticipated to triumph and did not disappoint. After an intense thirty minutes, the Rebel Penguin Federation was declared the victor.

Both armies logged onto the server Zipline, Help Force’s capital, prior to the 15:00 EST battle starting time. While HF waited pre-battle at the Docks, RPF was just one room along at the Town. Here, both armies waited for all their soldiers to arrive, while also practicing a few tactics and formations in preparation.

The battle commenced at the Beach, where both armies charged with bombs upon entry. Several troops were locked out due to Club Penguin Rewritten’s restriction of the number of people in a room, so they took refuge in surrounding rooms while trying to gain access to the battle.

After ten minutes, and an array of tactics and formations, both armies moved to the second room: the Iceberg. Here, RPF overpowered HF with superior sizes and formations. Despite having strong tactics, HF’s limited size made it difficult for them to make an impact. The final battle room, the Coffee Shop, told a similar story and outcome.

RPF’s Lieutenant General, Chaos, praised his army’s performance in the results post, while also commending HF for their “valiant” fight. While the Rebels claimed a maximum size of 61 and an average of 58, Help Force stated they achieved a maximum of 18.

CP Army Media spoke exclusively to Help Force leader, Tistle, who commented: “We felt we prepared well for the battle but something didn’t quite click. We maxed half of what we maxed in our previous battle against ACP and despite the 1 hour difference between those two battle timings, it had a much bigger impact than we had anticipated. However, we knew that if we were to win it would have had to be a miracle and despite RPF arriving in full force, we didn’t lie down and forfeit – we stayed the whole time and fought.”

Despite the loss, Tistle is confident Help Force can bounce back. He revealed they have an exciting week planned to celebrate their second anniversary, and that this will unite the army once more. On the other hand, with the Rebel Penguin Federation’s winning streak continuing, it seems no army can break their stride. With the CP Army Media’s Shamrock Showdown tournament having just been announced, will the Rebel Federation triumph in that too, or will an upset see them fall short of the trophy?

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