Top Ten Armies [ 1/03 – 7/03 ]

Blizzard, Club Penguin Army Media HQ – The Top Ten sees a slight change whilst the Top 3 remain constant. With the Tournament approaching closer, Armies are seen gearing up with many Practice Battles as well as Invasions.

Top Ten Armies

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [ 82.3 ] [ – ]

2. Army of Club Penguin [ 67.08 ] [ – ]

3. Help Force [ 56.1 ] [ – ]

4. Romans [ 14.6 ] [ +1 ]

5. Os Mascarados [ 10.6 ] [ -1 ]

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Rebel Penguin Federation –

The Rebel Penguin Federation had 12 Events this week. Their week started with an AUSIA Operation Invictus in which they maxed 26. Their other week events were Opr. Tempest in which they got 40, AUSIA Trust in Crust which got 29 Rebels, Opr. Mad Hatter getting 37, Opr. Uprising getting 43 Rebels, An Unscheduled Raw Sphagetti Invasion getting 26 Penguins, Opr. Feeling Hip which got 33 Dancers, AUSIA Killer Croc getting 24, Opr. Echo which got 31, AUS Hide and Seek in which they maxed 39. They ended their week with an Amazing Battle against the Help Force in which they crushed them with their 61 Rebels, Along with that they had the Scoops Ahoy event to end their week which got 41 Vendors Online.

Army of Club Penguin –

The Army of Club Penguin had 12 Events this week. Consisting of various Invasions/Battles, they started their week with an AUSIA Puffle Takeover maxing 23. Their other week events were a Final Battle with Romans in which they maxed 26, An AUSIA Training maxing 15, A Practice Battle with Os Mascarados in which they maxed 26 yet again, A Spider Rave event getting 25, Pirate Event getting 16, AUSIA Spec Ops maxing 13, Afro Event maxing 17, Ice Cream Party in which they maxed 25, An AUSIA Beta Scarf Event in which they had 18 People Online. They ended their week with a wonderful Invasion of Mammoth-CPATG in which they maxed 32. Along with that, they had a Propeller Event to end their week with a Sweet 30 Max.

Help Force –

The Help Force had a total of 10 Events this week. Starting their week with a Branch Battle, they maxed 20. Their other week events were a Spider Takeover maxing 18, Opr. Flourish getting 15, A Dance Party maxing 21, AUSIA Opr. Thrive maxing 5, Go Green Event which got 16 Helpers, Opr. Heighten in which they maxed 21 People, An AUSIA Pizza Party getting 16 and a Propeller Takeover maxing 21. They ended their week with a Practice Battle against the RPF in which they maxed 18 Helpers Online.

Romans –

Romans having yet again just 1 Event this week, in which they maxed 11 at a Recruiting Session.

Os Mascarados –

Os Mascarados had a slow week with just 1 Event in which they maxed 7 at a Training Event.

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