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Blizzard, Club Penguin Armies Media HQ – Hello, and welcome to the first edition of CPA Media’s new column, “Army in Focus”. In “Army in Focus”, we will be including a table of contents about an army so you can learn more about it. I’m your host Dino, and today, we will be taking a look at the Os Mascarados Army.


Table of Contents

1. History

2. Current State

3. Leadership



The Os Mascarados Army (OMA) was founded November 16th, 2019. The Brazilian army was created as part of a merger between the Mascarados Army, led by current OMA leader, Fire3004, and the Masked Army, led by MaryMoriyama. The army originally was settled in Club Penguin Online. Though, after the new year, OMA migrated to the Club Penguin Armies League.

Once Club Penguin Armies liquidated, though, OMA joined two different organizations: Club Penguin Warfare League, and the Club Penguin Army Media. Around the time of the liquidation, the largest Brazilian army in both organizations, Elite Guardians of Club Penguin, had closed its doors.

Following the EGCP’s closure, OMA began to house former troops who wanted to stay in a Brazilian army. OMA’s maxing size had went from 5 to 8 within a day of the EGCP closure. This brought OMA to relevance and made it currently the largest Brazilian Army.

This relevance, though, brought trouble. Team Yellow Army, an army led by Darklink, decided to invade the OMA’s servers on Club Penguin Warfare. OMA was unable to win any of the battles due to TYA’s larger maximums.

Picture from the Defense of Hypothermia, 02/09/2019.

At the end of the war, Darklink chose to annex the rest of the Masked Empire‘s territories on CPW, leaving them only with Blizzard, Free Penguin. The war, however, didn’t shatter the OMA army completely and shortly after the war they began to max sizes of 14 and similar.


Current State

The Os Mascarados Army’s current state is superb. As mentioned, the army’s resilience from the Yellow Fever War is duly noted by most of the community. The army has only grown since opening in November and has shown no plans of closing its doors nor has its sizes fall into obscurity. As of this week, they reached 4th place on CPAM top five and 2nd place on CPW’s top five.



Currently, the army has 4 leaders at the time of this post – Fire3004, Ana Luizaa, and Killix, and FiinDroid. Fire is known for the founding the army while the other three leaders are not widely known.


Os Mascarados continues to be an interesting player in CPA affairs. Over the past months and years, the Brazilian army community has started to wither away.

What do YOU think? Do you think OMA will one day fill in the big legacy EGCP left behind and might even do better? Let us know in the comments of this!


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  1. Im happy that Brazilian CP players have their own army!
    Great for them

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