Army of CP and Help Force: Battle In Review #2

Blizzard, Club Penguin Armies Media HQ – On March 20th, 2020, the Army of Club Penguin (ACP) and Help Force (HF) held a practice battle, almost a month after their February practice battle in which ACP won 2 rooms and the other one being tied. The three rooms the two armies duked it out at were Iceberg, Mine, and Stadium.

The first room in the battle would be Iceberg. Both armies started off very well with their own creative word tactics. However, ACP’s much larger max along amount of wipes and bombs started to become a flaw in the HF’s battling strategy. The room was swiftly won by ACP.

The next room would be the inside mine. Help Force would be able to make a better comeback in this room with better formations and HF’s bombing skills started to shine. However, ACP’s size and bigger bombs threatened the looming HF rise in the room. The room would again be won by ACP.

The final room, Stadium, was a rather facile room. Help Force started off with a T formation and continued their creative tactic thinking. However, the ACP quickly wiped out the competition (literally!) The room was won by the ACP, ending the practice battle in their favor.

The winner of this battle was once again the Army of Club Penguin!

The battle was a fairly flawlessly one for the Army of Club Penguin. While HF maxed lower at this practice battle than their previous one with the ACP, their creativity and morale stayed high throughout the battle.

What’s YOUR opinion on this battle? Who do you think should had won it? What other battles do you think CPAM should cover? 

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