Shock Troops of CP’s Jolting Revival

Blizzard, CP Army Media Headquarters – In this generation of club penguin, we have seen many armies rise and fall. Due to the ongoing crisis of COVID-19, we are able to see the revival of many armies, including the Shock Troops.

Originally, Shad wanted to create Shock Troops in 2011. However, it was not until 2019 that Cena was able to put this idea into action. They reached great heights before unfortunately shutting down in the middle of November.

Zucculente is the second leader of the Shock Troops. He was able to revive the army five months afterwards on April 4th, 2020. Here is a picture of their revival event: 

CPAM was fortunate enough to be able to catch Zucculente for a quick interview.


This interview below has not been altered.

Doggorage [CPAM]: Thanks for taking the time to conduct this interview with me, Zucculente. I hope your day is going well. For starters, I have a few questions for you. When did you first join Shock Troops?

Zucculente [ST]: Well, when I first joined was probably late September or early October; and Shock Troops was abandoned in November when former leader Cena went on to lead the Pretzels of Club Penguin.

Doggorage [CPAM]: Gotcha, that actually leads me into my next question. What made you decide to pick up Shock Troops and revive it?

Zucculente [ST]: When Cena retired this past week, he granted me access to this army. Since then I’ve been leading it in his name.

Doggorage [CPAM]: Sounds like he left it in good hands. Have you led any armies before?

Zucculente [ST]: Never. I first joined a Club Penguin army in mid-July of 2019 so I’ve never gotten the chance.

Doggorage [CPAM]: I’m sure you’re going to do great. Would you say that there is a good chance of allying with Pretzels of Club Penguin?

Zucculente [ST]: The Pretzels was led by Cena when he retired. So when he did, he didn’t want anyone to lead it and to let it rest with memories. So as of right now, the Pretzels is non-existent.

Doggorage [CPAM]: I see. While unfortunate, we’ve witnessed the rise and fall of many armies due to real life, school, or other reasons. In your opinion, will the Shock Troops survive this change in leadership?

Zucculente [ST]: During this summer, I believe Shock Troops will peak, as I have no school. However, when school does start, there might be a little bit of difficulty. But I will try my hardest to succumb to my obstacles and keep leading to my best ability.

Doggorage [CPAM]: That makes sense. Hopefully with the ongoing quarantine, you will see a rise in numbers as well. Thanks for taking the time to conduct this interview with me. Do you have anything else you’d like to add?

Zucculente [ST]: I think that’s all. Thank you for the interview.

Doggorage [CPAM]: Thank you for your time. I’m sure the revival of the Shock Troops will be sure to shock the system!


As you heard from Zucculente himself, ST is going to be in good hands. With this revival, there are bound to be some exciting battles ahead. We here at CPAM are excited to see how fast Shock Troops grows.


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