The Revival of Lime Green Army: Take Two

Blizzard, Club Penguin Rewritten, CP Army Media Headquarters – An army after a struggle in terms of activeness has reopened its doors and announced yet another revival for the new CPPS generation: the Lime Green Army.

First established on April 5th, 2013 it was a predominant force in the small/medium army community during the years 2013-15. Originally created by Greeny15390 after defecting from his original army.

The Lime Green Army, May 2013

On April 2019, with the creation of Club Penguin Armies v2. LGA would return to the armies community. Being brought back by veteran Memmaw and creator Greeny, who also happened to be the founders of CPA v2, the army was shortly passed off to an entirely new leadership. Beginning with the unfamiliar faces Paulina and Emilianio, who despite their best efforts, the army would shortly be passed off to Chainpro. He would go on to demote the current leaders and take the position of Lime Commander. This would go on until Chain left his leadership and promoted Zeke to the position of Lime Commander, after which other army “Invaders” merged into the LGA and as a result, their leader, Fresh, became new co-leader to LGA. On August 16th, Zeke would step-down to an advisory role. Soon to be followed by a vote to shut down due to inactivity.

Lime Green Army Reopening Event, April 2020

On Thursday, April 2, 2020, after Dino’s plan to revive LGA prior to the Romans revival detour, he announced the revival, shortly followed by a successful opening event. Friends and former troops joined together on Great White, CPATG, one of LGA’s most iconic servers maxing 18+. “A great way to welcome back LGA” -Moshi, current Lime Commander.

Lime Green Army, August 2016

This current generation of the army has returned under a triad of leaders: Moshi, Dino, and Solo. This marks LGA’s second generation in this new era for Club Penguin Armies, where the community has adopted CPPSes such as CP Rewritten for events. In an exclusive interview, Dino told CP Army Media that he wants to see LGA regain its reputation as a friendly, loyal, and active community. Believing that LGA ended on a sour note and that it shouldn’t have died the way it did Dino wants to see the army regain its maxes of 15+ one day and maybe higher. He said: “I want to see LGA in a state where it won’t linger off of my existence just like Romans. I do plan on staying with LGA for a few months but eventually I will need to let LGA go and make sure it can continue to grow as an army.”
Greeny, when asked, believes in the new triad of leaders, saying that he is happy to see LGA regain its footing as an army and believes “now is as good of a time as ever”. In future he sees the army growing from here and thinks that they will be able to survive as long as they keep the activity up.


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