Battle Review: ACP vs HF [Premiere League]

Club Penguin armies can be a weird thing. A lot of the time, an “army” is a frail organization, with around 20 people in a chat, with about 10 coming on to battle, practice, or recruit. Things certainly haven’t changed from when Club Penguin itself was alive, either. It arguably got worse, at first, leading many, myself included, to believe that armies should stay dead, and die with Club Penguin itself. The thought process being, that there will never be a battle as good as the likes of the finals for Legends Cup IV, where the Doritos, Nachos, and Rebel Penguin Federation all fought for supremacy, in a triple battle never seen on such a scale. However, I did decide to watch this battle, as I had recently gotten involved in armies yet again, despite my thought that they were “dead”. This battle, however, was quite the opposite of dead.

In arguably the largest single event since the community wide “invasion” of Mammoth, where the entire server was single-handedly filled out by armies, CPAM’s own Premiere League would pit two titans of this new age of armies against each other. A battle of legacy versus contemporary, the age old Army of Club Penguin stood off with the Help Force on April 4th, with the goal of getting ever closer to making it to the final battle on April 18th. With this battle being comparable to most finals, I shall delay no more. Click read more to find out just how fantastic this battle truly was.


During the Pre-Battle, ACP started at the Ice Berg and had the clear advantage, with a supposed max of 55, as well as fairly consistent tactics to boot.


However, in Help Force’s camp, the Pre-Battle was not nearly as clean, allegedly maxing around 40, and, regrettably, there doesn’t seem to be any footage. However, while from pre-battle alone, the Green horde would have clearly won, half of the battle is getting into the first room before it fills up, in this case, the Ice Rink.

In a fantastic room change, the Help Force got almost their entire army into the Ice Rink, while ACP was only able to get half their force in. This lead to a slaughter where, while ACP did try to compete, the HF was easily able to get the victory in this room, with superior tactics, formation, and speed, including an “infinite” formation, which one would imagine is very hard to pull off.


Captura_de_ecran_din_2020-04-04_la_22.08.54unknown (2)

However, come time for the next room change, ACP seemed to have learnt their lesson, and got the jump on the Help Force back at the Ice Berg, where ACP crushed the Help Force in numbers, tactics, and formation, making HF look weak in comparison to ACP. But, a fight was still put up and despite being outnumbered.

unknown (1)Screen_Shot_2020-04-04_at_1.18.30_PM

The most interesting part about the battle was hands down the tie breaker, which took place in the Hidden Lake, quite an unusual choice in my opinion, but that’s where it went. This room was by far the most contested, with no easy way to go to the Hidden Lake, your best option is to go from the Forest, which means there’s a higher chance of being locked out, and thus not being counted. The Hidden Lake was fairly even in numbers, so it all came down to formation and tactics. And while the Help Force put up a fantastic fight here, with, in my opinion, better formation and more consistent tactics, the Army of Club Penguin had a trick up there sleeve, where, incredibly, they began to recite “Do You Hear the People Sing”, from Les Misérables, which overall seems to have won them this battle, granting them the points they so longed for, and preventing them from taking a loss thus far.


While in the scheme of this tournament, this battle means very little, it does mean something for armies as a whole. There is still the chance to see incredible battles, with massive numbers, and outstanding work in formation and tactics. The golden era of 2013, 14, and 15 are still achievable even without the burden of Disney’s own Club Penguin, and even with the slower, less consistent Club Penguin Private Servers. This is by far the largest battle since Club Penguin was shut down, and RPF vs ACP on Saturday will likely be even larger, as these age old rivals clash like they have for over 10 years. As for the Help Force, their valiant effort holding off the Army of Club Penguin, the oldest, most legendary army, will cement them a place in the annals of history, and hopefully they will come and rise above what they once were as well, and go on to become not only a powerful force, but a legendary force. I hope you all pay attention to the next few months, as it seems a new power-structure forms, and personally, I find it very likely that more armies will sprout up from the aftermath of not just this incredible battle, but this tournament as a whole. We are entering a new era and this simple battle in bracket will likely be the kindle needed to ignite this change. You can find a video of the battle here, provided by ACP.

Score as of 4/4/2020



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