Top Ten Armies [ 5/04 – 11/04 ]

Blizzard, Club Penguin Army Media HQ – This Army Week saw another successful set of exciting battles, an old army returning, and a massive boost of sizes for several armies. Check below and find out more about the placements of the armies this week!

Top Ten Armies

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [ 109.4 ] [ – ] 

2. Army of Club Penguin [ 76.3 ] [ – ]

3. Help Force [ 63.3 ] [ – ]

4.  Lime Green Army [ 48.9 ] [ +3 ]

5.  Os Mascarados [ 33.5 ] [ -1 ]

6. People’s Imperial Confederation [ 30.6 ] [ – ]

7.  Takis [ 29.1 ] [ NEW! ]

8. Shock Troops [ 27.5 ] [ +1 ]

9. Pizza Federation [ 24.4 ] [ -4 ]

10. N/A

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Rebel Penguin Federation –

Rebel Penguin Federation had a massive week with 10 Events on board! They started their week with an AUSIA Opr Housewarming maxing 44. Their other week events consisted of Opr Dynamo maxing 90, AUSIA Opr Ascension maxing 57, Opr Snout and About maxing 55 & Opr Carnage maxing 76. They had a huge Premier League Battle against HF in which they maxed 109 Rebels. They had an AUSIA Opr “Follow the Leader” maxing 55, Opr Spoken Word maxing 70 and an AUSIA Opr Crushers maxing 45. They ended their week with a massive Premier League battle against ACP in which they maxed 111 Rebels.

Army of Club Penguin –

The Army of Club Penguin had an eventful week with 9 Events in this week. They started their week with an AUSIA Bunny Event maxing 35. Their other week events consisted of a Camera Crew Event maxing 52, Battle Training maxing 32, and a Premier League Battle against OMA maxing 53. The next events consisted of a War Training which maxed 38, AUSIA Tie Event maxing 37, and a Huge Bunny Event maxing 100+ ACP. They had an Operation Overlord training for their battle against RPF maxing 25, and the last league Battle against RPF in which they maxed 55.

Help Force –

The Help Force had an eventful week with 9 Events! They started their week with a Branch Battle maxing 28 Helpers. Their other week events consisted of a Stamp Heist maxing 32, Opr Revel maxing 20, AUSIA Opr Rave maxing 17, Bunny Takeover maxing 28. They had a huge Premier League battle against RPF in which they maxed 66 Helpers. They held a Pizza Party maxing 25, a Photography Event maxing 25, and to end their week, a Spring Event which maxed 26 Troops online.

Lime Green Army –

Lime Green Army had an eventful week with 12 Events! Starting their week with a Sled Racing tournament which maxed 6, their other week events consisted of a Green Miner Recruitment maxing 12, a Training Operation maxing 10, another Recruitment Operation maxing 20, and a Battle Training maxing 16. They had a Find Four Tournament which maxed 8, followed by a Battle Training maxing 12. Doing an AUSIA Recruitment Operation which maxed 13, they maxed 22 at a Huge Unscheduled Training session, a Battle Training maxing 11 and another Tournament maxing 6. They ended their week with a successful battle against PZF in which they maxed 15 Troops.

Os Mascarados –

OMA had quite the week this week with a total of 6 events! Their week started off with The Mother Patrol, in which they had 4 penguins attend. This soon transitioned into their Battle Against ACP in which their max skyrocketed up to 10! Soon after they had a Masked Miners event with a similar max of 10. OMA celebrated the opening of CWF and maxed 9 while doing so! Before yet another battle, OMA had a Speed Training hitting heights of 10 penguins in masks. The week ended with the Battle Against Romans, in which 11 people showed up to the fight.

People’s Imperial Confederation –

PIC had a week full of events. Starting off strong with the Seizure Of Antarctica which hit a max off 11! Riding their high, they transitioned into an Invasion Of Snow Avalanche where they had a max of 12. Soon after PIC had a Propeller Hat Event with 16 penguins. Their week ended off with a Marching Guitar Band event which saw 15 guitarists.

Takis –

The Takis Army returned to the community after doing 3 Events this week! They started their week with a Pizza Recruiting sessions maxing 20. They had a “Turn the Nightclub Red” event in which they maxed 25. The Takis ended their week with a Return Event maxing 11.

Shock Troops of CP –

The Shock Troops of CP had an eventful week with 6 Events being done. They started their week with a Recruitment maxing 7. Invading servers, they went for Iceberg in which they maxed 7, Invaded Icicle maxing 7 Troops. The army did 2 consecutive Recruitment sessions maxing 6 in each one of them. They ended their week with an Invasion of Migrator in which they maxed 6.

Pizza Federation –

PZF managed to have 4 events this week. The week started with Op: Rainbow Bois in where 11 penguins showed up to form a rainbow. They swiftly transitioned into a training that succeeded in having 12 participants. Before their show stopping practice battle against LGA, PZF gathered into a group of 10 penguins to prepare and recruit! Finally, the week ended with a battle against LGA which saw heights of 10 Troops.


After another successful week of Battles and the Premier League, the community awaits for the highly anticipated final battle! Make sure you have registered your army for it! Join our Discord from Here to make sure you’re up to date with Regular Updates and Interesting News !
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