Shock Troops of CP merge with Recon Federation of CP

Blizzard, CP Army Media Headquarters – In this modern age of Club Penguin Armies, anything can happen. Just 9 days after being revived on April 4th, 2020, the Shock Troops merged with the Recon Federation of Club Penguin to be more shocking than ever before.

The Recon Federation was already one of the medium sized armies rising in size. In October 2019, they revolted against RPF with the Shock Troops, EGCP, WH, and PZF. The Shock Troops were already on good terms with the Recon Federation back in the day when Cena led them.


RFCP’s first event with the Shock Troops, April 2020

We managed to track down Zucculente, current leader of the ST, for an interview about their transition to RFCP.


Interview with Zucculente

Conducted by Henry

CPAM: Hey Zucculente! I’m Henry representing CPAM and I’d like to interview you on the Shock Troops merging with the RFCP. So, what made you decide to merge the Shock Troops with another army?

Zucculente: I realized that I wasn’t quite ready to start leading yet; it was exhausting.

CPAM: That’s understandable. Why did you choose the RFCP?

Zucculente: I chose RFCP because we’ve been allies since the very beginning. They’ve always had my back even when I wasn’t leading.

CPAM: That’s nice to hear. Have you had any events with them yet?

Zucculente: Some of our merging events start today, but I’ve only attended one out of one of their normal events.

CPAM: Having merged with them already, do you think it will affect any of the Shock Troops or the RFCP’s alliances?

Zucculente: Most likely no, commander of RFCP, Prior, encouraged me to merge with them. It’s a really great community and I wish people would stop saying bad things about them. If my Shock Troops are happy, I’m happy.

CPAM: That’s great. Do you have anything else to add?

Zucculente: Sch’ock som nuvar.

CPAM: Thank you for your time, Zucculente. Your Shock Troops are bound to have a great time with the RFCP!


What do YOU think about the Shock Troops merging into the RFCP? Where do you think they will go from here? Comment below!



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