Warlords of Kosmos Enter the Community

In the modern age of armies, all that is left is revivals of older armies. New blood isn’t that prevalent. However, a new army has come to break that trend – Warlords of Kosmos.

The army was founded by former Club Penguin Armies administrators Super and Greeny. The two decided to bring some new blood into the community along with the aspect of “war”.

We decided to interview Super regarding their new army.


Interview with Super

conducted by Dino

CPAM: What are the Warlords of Kosmos and why did you and Greeny choose to create them?

Super: The Warlords Of Kosmos is a Club Penguin Army that knows what war feels like. Me and Greeny were looking for ways to go through the quarantine, and noticed the absence of an edgy looking army in CPAM community, so we said why not.

CPAM: Has the army had any success in terms of growth recently?

Super: Yeah its going great. A few days ago we had our opening event, in which we maxed 11. Considering the fact that almost all our troops are new recruits from CPR I would say we are destined for great things. The army has been open for about a week btw.

CPAM: You mention this army is a “war” army. Does the Warlords of Kosmos have any planned “wars” prepared for the near future?

Super: What do you think? Next question.

CPAM: Despite being very new, what maxes does the army currently max and what do you think it’ll begin maxing in the following 2 weeks?

Super: We only had the opening event that I mentioned so far so around 10 I suppose. In 2 weeks I could see it max 20+.

CPAM: Is there anything else you’d like to mention?

Super: As Plato said, only the dead have seen the end of war.


What do YOU think about this army? Do you think it’ll lift off? Do you think it will continue to grow? Do you think they really do have some wars planned? Reply below with YOUR thoughts!


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