ACP vs RPF Pre-Finals

Tomorrow is the final battle of the Premier League, as the Army of Club Penguin and the Rebel Penguin Federation face off in a grand battle. This same battle occurred last week on the 11th, which could give us some foresight on what happens next. Who won this battle? Read this post to find out, so you can make a safe bet on tomorrows main event!


With these two armies, containing entire forces in one room was not going to happen. So it would all come down to who is quicker. ACP or RPF? In the first room, the Ice Rink, RPF made a swift move to crush out the ACP, with ACP having better tactics, but the size difference being too great to do any damage.

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RPF would go on to keep this streak alive, with a crushing blow to ACP on the Ice Berg, with ACP only hitting 22 on the block of ice, with RPF filling out to 68.


Due to a confusion among judges, the third room was quite the curveball, being the Mine Shaft, where RPF won once again, finishing off the battle with a 3-0.


While one could simply assume RPF will crush ACP, it is very important to note ACP was majority lockouts. With good timing, the Penguins in Green could deal a swift blow to the RPF, and secure their own victory. But with RPF having superior sizes, will they be able to? Find out tomorrow!


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