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The Club Penguin Rewritten Army community has seen a recent spurt in army enrollment after various armies which used to operate on Club Penguin Online decided to leave its army league.

This led to a series of dramatic events and allegations made by Club Penguin Online Army League’s leadership which are to be addressed in this post. Please note that none of the armies affiliated with Club Penguin Army Media are “illegitimate” or “fake” as alleged by the latter.

The DCP Scenario – Doritos of Club Penguin were an army which used to operate back when the original Club Penguin was alive. They were revived by their legends and their creator on Club Penguin Online’s platform in 2019.

Earlier this month, due to several allegations against CPO, the DCP Leaders decided to move their army to Club Penguin Rewritten. Soon, when everyone thought the move to be official, the CPO Army League Board decided to remake the Discord server and convinced their their creator, Wwebestfan, to move back to CPO.
Soon after that, he was banned from his own army’s discord by Epic101 who ran the initiative to keep the Doritos there. Due to this, with no other choice seeming to be left for the creator himself and having been betrayed by someone he showed trust in, Wwe decided to make the DCP of CPR to which he brought most of the high ranking troops from the fake Doritos still running on CPO.

Doritos of CPR had their creator and the original website with them. Yet, the accusation was on us for forming a “Fake DCP”?

The current situation regarding Doritos hasn’t been revealed completely. Another post will be made describing the rest of the scenario in depth.

Aliens – Similar to Doritos, Aliens was also an army which was rightfully transitioned into Club Penguin Rewritten with 100% Legitimacy.

Yesterday, I was notified by their Creator, Sans [ Dank Sans ], that he wanted Aliens to switch to Club Penguin Rewritten. After talks with him, he said he was totally up for it, as he didn’t feel CPO safe enough on which to operate his army.

After discussions with their Generation Leaders about this, It was an awkward situation where some of their high ranks agreed with their creator, but some of them were reluctant. Due to Sans being the rightful owner of the army, he decided to move Aliens into Club Penguin Rewritten along with some of the army staff from its CPO iteration.

Similar to DCP, Aliens had their Creator and the Original Website with them. Yet the accusation was on us for forming a “Fake Aliens”?

I would like to draw your attention on the fact that the people claiming that “fake armies” were formed in CPR, are the same people who decided to take over their army Discords and announce that it is now run by them & their Army League Board.

Epic taking over Aliens Discord after they decided to leave.

With many armies leaving CPO, it’s pretty clear that the allegations against CPAM have been exaggerated immensely. CPAM has only assisted army leaders as they have requested our help. As has always been its intention, we are an organization built in cooperation with armies and its leaders, for armies and its leaders. With that cleared up, I would like to let all of those armies in CPO know that we’ll always have an open door for you to join our community and vibe in.


Chief Executive Officer

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