Top Ten Armies [ 12/04 – 18/04 ]

Blizzard, Club Penguin Army Media HQ – After the community witnessed one of the largest battles in CPA History this week, there were several new additions to the community. With the influx of new armies into, we see a change in the Top 3 Armies after a long time! Read below to know more.

Top Ten Armies

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [ 114 ] [ – ] 

2. Army of Club Penguin [ 68.7 ] [ – ]

3.  Lime Green Army [ 66.7 ] [ +1 ]

4. Help Force [ 61.2 ] [ -1 ]

5.  People’s Imperial Confederation [ 37.8 ] [ +1 ]

6. Os Mascarados [ 34 ] [ -1 ] 

7. Pizza Federation [ 30.2 ] [ +2 ]

8. Shadow Troops [ 26.5 ] [ NEW! ]

9. UMA/RPM [ 20.3 ] [ NEW! ]

10. Warlords of Kosmos [ 19 ] [ NEW! ]

Close to the Top Ten

11. Red Velvet Army [ 11.5 ] [ NEW! ]

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Rebel Penguin Federation –

Rebel Penguin Federation had one heck of a week with 11 events total! They started the week with AUSIA Opr: Water Works, maxing 62. Their other events included, UK/US Opr: Colour War maxing 66, AUSIA Opr: Crust Crusade maxing 75, US Opr: Hydrophilic maxing 77, EU Opr: War Cry maxing 76, Eu Opr: Stamp Maniac maxing 102, An unscheduled event right before Soccer Mommys concert maxing 43, AUSIA Opr: Snap maxing 58, US Opr: Artemis maxing 82, AUSIA Opr: Ascending! maxing 50. They ended the week with the finals against ACP, maxing 125 rebels.

Army of Club Penguin –

To kick off their week, ACP held an EU/US battle training event, where they maxed 35. On Tuesday, they held a branch battle with a max of 40. The next day, they held an EU battle training, maxing 38. On Thursday, ACP maxed 25 at an AUSIA miner event and 35 at an EU battle training. On Saturday, ACP attended the Premier League Tournament Finals against RPF, where they maxed 65. They also held an unscheduled US cowboy event with a max of 33 to end the week.

Lime Green Army –

To kick off their week, the Lime Green Army held an AUSIA recruiting session with a max of 25, an EU recruiting session with a max of 21, and a US recruiting session with a max of 12. The next day, they maxed 21 at an EU recruiting session, 15 at an EU/US battle training, 19 at a US training event, and 11 at a US Find Four tournament. On Wednesday, LGA maxed 10 and 9 at a US costume contest and mancala tournament respectively. They also maxed 16 at a US practice battle with a rogue pizza gang and 14 at an EU recruiting session. The next day, they maxed 21 and 14 at two EU recruiting sessions, as well as a max of 9 at a US hide and seek event. On Friday, LGA maxed 11 at an EU recruiting session, and held a practice battle with Os Mascarados, maxing 21. They maxed 14 and 16 at their EU events on Saturday. To finish off the week, LGA maxed 6 and 9 at their US events.

Help Force –

Help Force had a week full of events with 7 events total! HF started out their week with their weekly branch battle maxing 27. Help Forces other events included AUSIA Opr: Firepower maxing 33, US Waterworks event maxing 41, EU Pig Takeover maxing 48, AUSIA Green Miner event maxing 36, EU Opr: Vigor maxing 25. To wrap up an eventful week, HF had US Opr: Intensify maxing 23 helpers.

People’s Imperial Confederation –

For their first event of the week, the People’s Imperial Confederation maxed 13 at a US training event on Tuesday. At another US training session the next day, they maxed 17. On Thursday, PIC maxed 13 at a yellow-themed US event. The next day, they maxed 9 at an EU training event and maxed 16 at a US parade event. On Saturday, for their final event of the week, PIC maxed 15 at a pink-themed US event.

Os Mascarados –

Os Mascarados Army had a busy week holding 6 events this week! To start the week off, OMA logged on to CPATG’s Klondike for a formation training event, maxing 12. Their other 5 events include, Opr: Five or Six More on CPR maxing 9, Opr: Masked Firefighters on CPATG maxing 13, A friendly battle against LGA on CPATG where they maxed 18. To end the week OMA logged on to the CPPS Free Penguin for Opr: Haxball where they maxed 13.

Pizza Federation –

The Pizza Federation started their week with costume and recruiting events on CPR, where they maxed 13 and 16 respectively. For their next event, they had an igloo raiding session where they hit 22 penguins with rouges. To continue their week, PZF held another recruiting session which saw them max 25 with rouges and get 4 new recruits. To finish off the week, they successfully invaded Sleet on CPATG, maxing 10 in the process.

Shadow Troops –

The Shadow Troops had just one event this week, where they maxed 22 in their first event back in the community. After just one week, the revived ST is showing that they could very soon be a force to be reckoned with.

Underground Mafias / Rebel Penguin Marines –

RPM had a very short week before joining UMA to become one. Rebel Penguin Marines opened up the week with their Opening event on CPR maxing 7. Once UMA and RPM became one army, they had a victory parade to celebrate their victory over Umacpo, maxing 10. To finish off the week UMA had a raid of ST where they maxed 2.

Warlords of Kosmos –

This week we welcomed Warlods of Kosmos into the community, where they had their opening event with a max of 11. They then had an EU training session on CPATG where they maxed 11 Kosmos again. Although this was a slow week for them, the Kosmos proved that they have the potential to be a contender in the community.

With the CPAM Premier League coming to and end this week, the community awaits for further action! Make sure you have registered your army for it! Join our Discord from Here to make sure you’re up to date with Regular Updates and Interesting News !
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  2. […] Lime Green Army reached a new peak on the CP Army Media Top Ten Armies, ranking third. Yet just a week later they were hit with internal turmoil that lead to the removal of one of their […]

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