Aliens of CP Zoom Into the CPR Community

Blizzard, CPAM Headquarters – Ever since the CPOAL wasn’t suitable for some CPO armies, armies are coming over to Club Penguin Rewritten in search for new opportunities. For example, the Aliens of CP are making an out of this world start in CPR.

The Aliens of CP are an army originating in Club Penguin Online, created by Dank Sans in early 2019. They grew to be one of the biggest armies on Club Penguin Online, maxing around 25-30 for each event.

Aliens of CP’s Revival Event, April 2020

The Aliens of CP has gotten slightly smaller since they switched CPPSes, but their sizes are still large, considering that they would have a lot of confusion switching. CPAM was lucky enough to catch Spotty, one of the Aliens’ leaders, for an interview.


Interview with Spotty

conducted by Henry

CPAM: Hey Spotty! I’m Henry from CPAM and I’d like to interview you on the Aliens of CP switching CPPSes. So, how were you involved in switching CPPSes?

Spotty: Hey, so I heard they were going to move. Ayan contacted me to ask if I wanted to help lead the aliens cause I used to lead Help Force for over a year and I used to be in aliens server a bit in cpo so I decided that seeing as I had the time I’d help them out with leading.

CPAM: Cool! Were there any difficulties?

Spotty: Not really as the aliens creator Sans has come back and we own the aliens website. We only had to make a new discord which isn’t that hard.

CPAM: That’s good to hear. Do you think that moving will affect any previous alliances with other armies?

Spotty: Since moving to CPAM the aliens have already become allies with the Help Force once again. We were both allies when we were both in cpo, so that’s been great to restart the alliance again.

CPAM: Nice! Have you had any events on CPR yet?

Spotty: Yeah we’ve had 2 events so far where we maxed 15 and 12.

CPAM: Do you have anything else to say?

Spotty: Just looking forward to helping aliens rise in the top 10

CPAM: Thank you for your time!


What do YOU think about the Aliens switching to CPR? Do you have any thoughts? Comment below!


Henry VI

CPAM Reporter Trainee


CPAM Editor-in-Chief

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