CPAM’s Premier Tournament Grand Finale: ACP versus RPF

Blizzard, Club Penguin Army Media HQ – For Club Penguin Army Media, the Premier Tournament was their first. It was also the first Round Robin format tournament in Club Penguin Army history. And while many could have predicted the outcome, more pressing is how we ended up here. So hit read more to find out who won, who lost, and what we can all learn from this.


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Like with all battle recaps, we need to start at the pre-battle. As usual, RPF took stronghold in the Town, with it having the largest capacity on CPR, and flooded into the Snow Forts as well. Sadly, no pictures seem to exist of RPF in the Town, or the Forts. As for ACP, they chose an oddball approach and instead of going with the Ice Berg, like they historically have, they decided to take control of the Mine, where they showed promising sizes.Screen_Shot_2020-04-18_at_12.50.32_PM

But alas, it all comes down to how quickly your troops move into the main room.

Ice Berg

The first room chosen by the judges was the Ice Berg, given its large open space and high capacity. When the call was made to enter the room, something unlike anything I’ve ever seen in 10 years of armies occurred. RPF had almost entirely snubbed ACP out of the Ice Berg, letting them only max a total of 11, while RPF easily took up the other 66 slots in the room. The rest of ACP was forced into the Plaza, where they would still valiantly fight, but not be counted towards the Ice Berg skirmish.



Majority of ACP, locked out in the Plaza

Sadly for ACP, luck did not turn in the second room.

Ice Rink

As 10 minutes passed, the judges moved into the Ice Rink, the second room for today, with its decent capacity and open space, it is considered the definitive room for battling, and has been used since before Armies even existed, during the Color Wars. RPF had, once again, beat ACP to the punch, and quickly gained control of the room. Many digs at each other’s past performance in the tournament were taken here, but, at the end, the room went to RPF.


RPF, calling back to ACP fighting the Help Force

This leads us to the final room, which would be the most contested by far.

Hidden Lake

With the Town out of commission due to RPF starting there, the judges decided to use the Hidden Lake, again, for its open space and decent capacity. This time, ACP was able to move a good chunk of their forces into the room, but sadly, not enough to be, yet again, swamped by the RPF. ACP fought hard, but it seems that RPF was truly prepared to deal with this tournament, and took home the gold.


What can we take away from this battle? It seems RPF is now, without a doubt, the most powerful army. Imagine telling that to someone from 2010 that ACP would be outdone by RPF, they wouldn’t believe you. But, for a long time RPF has been a top player, with this tournament only securing that. Where do they go from here? Even I’m not sure. What I can tell you, is that the Rebel Penguin Federation is our CPAM Premier League Champions.


Thank you to the people at CPAM for hosting this tournament and allowing me to judge, thank you to ACP, the late Romans, OMA, RPF, Help Force, and PZF for taking part and making it possible, and allowing CPAM to grow to insane heights, and most importantly, thank you, for reading CPAM and following on army news.


CPAM Reporter


CPAM Editor-in-Chief

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