Rosea Coalition: In Review

Blizzard, Club Penguin Army Media HQ – On Tuesday, April 21, an organization of armies entitled the Rosea Coalition was exposed to the public by Recon Federation leader, Prior Bumble. The armies included were the People’s Imperial Confederation, Lime Green Army, Shadow Troops, Underground Mafias Army, and Warlords of Kosmos.

In addition to both Prior Bumble’s and Dino of LGA’s posts (linked and quoted later), we were able to secure quotes from two of the army leaders involved.


Rosea Coalition event – 29

Statements from army leaders have only been edited for grammar.

The Rosea Coalition was founded by LGA leader Dino, joined by four other armies and their leaders. The five armies (PIC, LGA, ST, UMA, & WOK) are shown in the photo above, maxing nearly thirty in one of their first events. When asked about the origin of the group, founder Dino gave us the following quote:

The Rosea Coalition was an idea I founded to oppose the RFCP. They have been notorious for recently raiding LGA and PIC events. We had enough of their long-time bullying of other armies and wanted to decimate them for good with a few other armies.

– Dino, LGA Commander

Prior Bumble’s post exposing the Rosea Coalition to the public holds another idea. The RFCP commander states in his post (read here) that RFCP was only responding to personal attacks by an LGA leader with raids on both LGA and PIC. (He also brings up claims of multi-logging within Rosea Coalition, addressed at the end of this post.) Prior addresses the personal attacks as well as the use of smaller armies in the coalition, citing it as just supporting LGA. A leader of one such army, Pjayo of Shadow Troops, provided us with a quote regarding his army’s motivation behind joining Rosea:

Well at least for the Shadow Troops, we had a few reasons for at least taking part. First off with our alliance to LGA, we thought it was only right that we support them in whatever the cause may be. And second is the fact that at its core, it was a good idea, with RFCP being almost a menace to the community, with an actual cult following around Prior Bumble. It just wasn’t right to not take part, especially due to their consistent raiding of other armies. Of course, as I’m sure you know it went awry quickly, with certain people doing some honestly f**ked up stuff, which caused ST to pull out from the coalition as it just wasn’t what we joined for.

– Pjayo, Shadow Troops Consul

Rosea Coalition’s anti-RFCP opinions helped unite them, but they also helped lead to the end of the group. Some of the leaders and members of Rosea armies took things way too far. They made comments harassing Prior Bumble and others, including racist remarks. Dino’s post disclosing Operation: Rosea displayed this (read here). Dino confirmed a few of Prior’s points, but presented evidence against others. He ended his post by promising to take Rosea “to the grave” with him, thus marking any revival illegitimate. The Rosea Coalition was not long lasting, but its impact has been felt by many. Where will it take the army community from here?

Finally, regarding RFCP’s multi-logging statement against the five armies involved in the Rosea Coalition: CPAM will be reviewing these claims closely. If anyone has concrete evidence of these armies multi-logging, they are strongly encouraged to message me on Discord at greatcomets#0609.

CPAM Editor-in-Chief

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