Kings of CP reign over CPR

Blizzard, CP Army Media HQ – In this modern day and age of armies, anything can happen. Club Penguin Online Army League became an unsuitable place for some armies to run their operations on. Since the Doritos of CP left CPOAL for CPAM, many other CPO Army League armies switched to CPAM.

One of those armies is the Kings of CP, an army created by Elp’s Son and Brodycat who were CPOAL leaders. They reached medium sizes of about 15-20 before switching to CPR.

To learn more, we decided to interview Elp’s Son.


Interview with Elp’s Son

Conducted by Henry

CPAM: Hi! I’m Henry representing CPAM and I’d like to interview you on the Kings switching CPPSes. To start, when and how did the Kings get started on CPO?

Elp’s Son: The Kings got started on CPO as a completely different army. The leaders of Kings, myself and Brodycat, were CPOAL leaders, but we didn’t bring our army because everyone thought we were insane.

CPAM: What made you decide to switch CPPSes?

Elp’s Son: What was happening with CPO, it’s just disgusting. I’m not gonna sit and play a game where I’m not respected, where I’m threatened, and when a deranged man was (and probably will be once again) owner. CPAM was a lot safer and this community is a lot chiller, I don’t get yelled at for talking about some things.

CPAM: How did your troops respond to moving CPPSes?

Elp’s Son: As I run another army, most of my troops didn’t follow me, and one of my former leaders can say the same. They thought we were crazy, and CPO was innocent.

CPAM: Have the Kings had an event on CPR yet?

Elp’s Son: No, we have not, we’re waiting for a few more people to join. We have solid numbers right now, but another three to four days will be helpful.

CPAM: Do you have anything else to say?

Elp’s Son: As a former CPOAL leader, I’ve seen it all. I’ve seen the threats made, I’ve seen the arguments, heck, I know right now, a CPOAL leader is trying to come after me. What I’m trying to say is, this is a game; I love it as much as the next guy, but when I’m threatened, it really makes it even harder for me to do my job. Stop harassing other CPPS players for their choices, they want to play a specific CPPS, so just leave them alone. Thank you for your time.

CPAM: Thank you for yours.


What do YOU think about the Kings switching CPPSes? Do you think they will be regal but feared? Comment below!


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