ACP vs. GHA: “The One Day AUSIA War”

Blizzard, Club Penguin Army Media HQ – Recently, The Gigi Hadid Army declared war on the Army of Club Penguin. Previous to the war, on April 19th, ACP released a post stating that they will no longer be participating in any conflicts and will remain neutral. Shortly after ACP’s “Declaration of Independence”, on April 22nd, the Gigi Hadid Army declared war on ACP.

Hello Gigi Hadidiers, ACP and the rest of cpa/cpr. Today we have declared a war on ACP or Army of Club Penguin. Rules are pretty simple for this invasion no multilogs/bots and both armies stay on for the duration of 30 minutes 10 minutes for each room. the defending army is the follow the invading army into the next room/ rooms that will be given in this post. Good luck to both armies and lets have a clean well or brutal fight!

Despite the ACP’s “Declaration of Independence”, they accepted the challenge and took on the war offer. They responded with the following message:

The Army of Club Penguin officially accepts your challenge.

It has been brought to our attention that, the Gigi Hadid ACP (your name contains ACP <3) is now threatening our birth and capital server, Mammoth. Despite the fact that our recent declaration of independence renders the invasion invalid, as we have already set the terms to foreign nations that we will not further engage in conflicts regarding territory, ACP will defend any threat to our capital and birth server, Mammoth, until the end.

On Friday, April 24th, the two armies met for a battle on Mammoth, ACP’s capital. However, only two troops from the GHA attended the battle while 30 ACP troops showed up. The GHA troops fought in the first and the third room, but somehow disappeared for the second room. Shortly after the battle, a peace treaty was decided on.

 The official treaty ending the war.

A photo from the battle.


What do you guys think about ‘The One Day AUSIA War’? Do you think ACP deserved the win? Do you think it was right of GHA to declare war? Comment your thoughts below!


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