Undercover Troop: Bribery For Ranks

BLIZZARD, CP Army Media Headquarters – In a CPAM first, I went undercover to uncover whether or not army leaders would accept a monetary bribe in exchange for a high ranking position. With a wide variety of responses, some very surprising, how did YOUR army do?

CP Army Media prides itself on providing quality journalism that presents both the positive side of the community, such as the incredible achievements of the many armies and their weekly happenings, as well as the darker and significantly more immoral side that, unfortunately, does exist. This undercover report deals with the theme of bribery for a high ranking position, a transaction that is not unlawful, but one that many people in the community deem considerably immoral. This is because most agree that ranks should be earned through hard work and honesty, not paid for.

For the purpose of this undercover report, I played the role of a well experienced member of the Club Penguin Army community, named, ‘Wisdom’, that was interested in purchasing a high ranking position. The following army leaders were approached with this offer, and the findings proved interesting. With a new Discord account, complete with an appropriate profile picture and backstory, I was ready to go.

The following findings have been documented carefully to avoid bias, and the following army analysis will be generated based on my experience and reaction.

The Army of Club Penguin and Lime Green Army did not respond to the direct messages. 

Shadow Troops

I first contacted Pjayo, one of the Shadow Troops leaders, and asked to apply for a rank in his army. I explained my previous army experience, which I proceeded to use for the remainder of my investigating. This included: former Rebel Penguin Federation moderator, Ice Warriors fourth-in-command and Doritos sixth-in-command.

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After initially offering me the rank of fourth-in-command, I then proceeded to ask if I could purchase a higher command position for 40 US dollars. Pjayo’s reaction was initially that of surprise, and he explained he had never received an offer like this before, stating he would need to take some time to consider the matter.

A few hours later, I encouraged a response from him, and he agreed that a sum of 40 US dollars would be satisfactory for the role of third-in-command. He ended by explaining, despite the bribe, I must behave in a responsible way.

It is clear that Pjayo has never received a bribe before and was originally taken aback by the offer. The fact that he took several hours to consider the money also indicated he knew it was immoral to accept, yet proceeded to anyway. Therefore, Shadow Troops score 1/10. 

People’s Imperial Confederation

Next, I spoke to NotManuGinobili, a leader of the People’s Imperial Confederation. After receiving an offer for fifth-in-command, I asked to pay for a higher command position. However, unlike, Pjayo, Manu responded by explaining they do not “usually” accept money for ranks. Despite my offer, I was still offered the fifth-in-command on a trial basis.

Although I believe he unintentionally used the incorrect language, Manu’s “usually” made it unclear whether he sometimes offers ranks for money. However, he did make it clear this was not going to occur in my case, and pleasantly explained so. Due to this, the People’s Imperial Confederation score 7/10. 

Help Force

The Help Force proved they could also not be tempted by a bribe, with leader Silent Moon responding to my attempts with a blunt but polite “No sorry”. The Help Force score 9/10. 

Pizza Federation

Similar to the People’s Imperial Confederation, Pizza Federation leader R3TRO stated his army doesn’t “usually” accept paying for a rank. He then added, in italics, that he couldn’t accept the bribe, even if he wanted to, due to his age. This was a confusing response but I have concluded his unique choice of language was his way of refusing my request. CP Army Media hope you finished your homework in time, R3TRO! The Pizza Federation score 5/10. 

Warlords of Kosmos

Leader Superhero offered me the rank of fourth-in-command, with a promise of potentially being selected as a second-in-command in the future. After my bribe, Superhero calmly explained that the army does not sell ranks.

Instead, Superhero stated I could support the platform ‘CP Army: The Game’ with my money, but said not to expect to receive a higher rank because of it. The calm and informative attitude made it clear a bribe would not be accepted, and therefore Warlords of Kosmos achieve a 8/10 score.

Chaos Army

My experience with Orange, leader of the Chaos Army, was significantly different. I was originally offered the role of fifth-in-command, and Orange did not hesitate in agreeing to give me the fourth-in-command rank after a bribe of 40 US dollars. Orange also provided a link to transfer this by PayPal – the picture below has been marked to respect his privacy and security.

Due to them accepting the bribe so quickly and heedlessly, and with no mention of my need to act responsibly in the rank, Chaos score 0/10.

Rebel Penguin Federation

My experience with the Rebel Penguin Federation was short and sweet. Rebel Commander Zenith shut down my offer with a simple: “Nope, no paying for ranks here”. The Rebel Penguin Federation score 9/10. 

Ninjas Army

The Ninjas scored a perfect 10/10. Their leader, Calyssa, immediately shut down any possibility of accepting a bribe, and continued to explain accepting money was not the way they wanted to grow their army. Calyssa also made it clear the correct way to earn a higher rank was to be active and helpful. This informative response educated me in a more moral approach to gaining a rank.


Aliens leader Spotty was one of the few army leaders suspicious of my monetary offer. She seemed unsure whether this was a normal practice in the army community, and questioned me on why my discord account had been created just 30 minutes before. Although she didn’t specifically refuse the offer, she did direct me to their website fundraiser and explained to obtain the desired rank I would need to “work my way up”. The Aliens score 6/10. 

Underground Mafias Army

The Underground Mafias Army are the perfect choice to conclude my findings, as they provided a totally unique response. Their leader, Justinfortsa, seemed very uneasy about accepting the bribe, and made it clear in his statement, “That’s not a good way”, which shows he knew accepting it would be immoral. After first agreeing, he quickly sent another message that stated I must earn my rank and not purchase it. He even went as far as providing me with a recruiting goal to achieve the rank of third-in-command.

Just as it seemed he had made the moral decision of refusing, he added that I could approach other leaders with my offer. The Underground Mafias Army receive a score of 3/10. 

The findings of CP Army Media’s first ‘Undercover Troop’ provide both shocking truths and pleasant surprises. At the top of our scoreboard is the Ninjas, with the Help Force, Rebel Penguin Federation, Warlord’s of Kosmos, People’s Imperial Confederation and Aliens close behind. At the opposing end were the Chaos Army and Shadow Troops, the two armies that accepted the bribe of 40 US dollars. The Pizza Federation sit comfortably in the middle, while the Underground Mafias Army score the least out of the armies that refused, having originally accepted then refused the bribe. It is apparent from these findings that some armies do accept a bribe, which although isn’t as unlawful as ‘multilogging’, is still considered immoral among many in the community.

What do YOU think? Which army were you most surprised at? How did your army fair? Let us know in the comment section below!


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