Administration Statement: Regarding the Merge Talks

Blizzard, Club Penguin Army Media HQ – With the influx of new armies into CPAM last week, a series of dramatic events unfolded. In another effort to unite the communities, CPOAL and CPAM engaged in talks again which led to a fiery debate between army leaders on both sides. Below, you can find a summary of the whole event and what the army leaders had to say.

CPOAL Proposal #1 – Combined News Site

The first proposal CPOAL offered was the formation of a combined news site which would cover both CPO and CPPS Army News.
Sounds good to hear at first, right? Let’s see what the army leaders voted!

CPAM army leaders take a vote on the idea of merging into one news site with CPOAL.

You might think, “Woah, why?!” We’ll get to that soon in this post. The main issues which the army leaders stated after voting on this were:

  • Trust issues with CPOAL
  • Safety concerns about Club Penguin Online
  • Insecurity that this might turn into a power grab by CPOAL heads.

Note: Talks were initiated by CPOAL just after they published a three page editorial bashing Club Penguin Army Media & their armies, without much evidence to back it up. Yet, they still want those same armies to comply with them and agree with their proposals. Think about it.

After their first proposal failed, CPO decided to continue to push and threw the community into another conversation – a combined Top Ten. Below, you can find out what stance leaders took on this proposal.

CPOAL Proposal #2  – Universal Top Ten

What’s the definition of a proposal? I’m sure most of you would know that. Apparently, some people don’t. A Universal Top Ten is a goal the entire community has its eyes on. However, would people want to be a part of it if it’s forced on them? Let’s see!

26th April 2020, Army League CEO, Atticus, published a Universal Top Ten as a “test” on CPOAL’s news site. Please note that the army leaders in CPAM weren’t aware of it beforehand, and it surprised most of them. CP Army Media then conducted a survey and asked the leaders their opinion on the Universal TT and if CPAM should partake in it’s making. Here’s what they had to say :

A screenshot included displaying Atticus’ going around CPAM instead of working with it.

The following statements have solely been edited for grammar purposes.

Rebel Penguin Federation:

In and out of sleeping, but it boils down to the fact that my trust of CPO has been long since broken, and won’t be repaired until it’s shown that they can handle their internal affairs effectively and without all these scandals surrounding them. I don’t have any specific “no top ten” reasons besides what Moon already stated [see Help Force’s statement below] about the possibility of “ha ha CPO armies better” propaganda but that’s always gonna be a thing so I’m not too worried about that.

Army of Club Penguin:

I think ACP’s stance is this: I don’t really think any news site or anything needs the ‘ACP approval!!!’ to use our name. I’d just rather be in a community with little drama. I’m happy to see where CPOAL takes this; however, with the drama surrounding CPOAL, I’m hesitant about fully trusting them yet and I worry about CPAM/CPR armies’ voices.

Personally, I would love to see CPAM somewhat continue as a hub where CPR armies have a voice. If, in the future, CPOAL does prove to be a fair platform allowing the unification of armies, I am all for that. I think CPAM should still run on the side to ensure CPRA’s voices are heard. If we wish to see how we rank against CPOAL armies, we can go and check out their TT.

Help Force:

While it sounded like a good idea at first, it wasn’t hard to see the fact that they could just use it to inflate their heads. A Top Ten with CPO armies was never going to be fair. You can’t compare two entirely different environments or CPPS and try to decide which singular entity in them is stronger. HF doesn’t need to be in the TT because it’s nothing but bullshit to engorge their egos.

Chaos Army:

I really liked it! I saw what CPOAL posted this week and I thought it was really cool to see where we stand in relation to everyone. I also like that they made the list larger to include more armies, as to not exclude a bunch.

People’s Imperial Confederation:

I am personally in favor of a Universal Top Ten between the two leagues, though I’d like for the CPAM exclusive Top Ten to continue alongside it. A Universal Top Ten would allow armies to gauge their position in the overall community, and is one small step towards unification. While I despise that it will inevitably promote the CPO CPPS, in which all Adsense streams into Riley’s wallet, I ultimately believe it benefits the army community.

Lime Green Army:

We’d like an unified formula and agreement from both sides before proceeding. As such, we don’t find the time necessary rn

Shadow Troops:

I just don’t feel a merger of any sort is due rn.

Red Velvet Army:

I like CPAM universal top tens as I think it tells where our army stands.


I think the universal top ten is good. It helps all armies to see what the competition is, and it will also help hype members as there’s more benefits like beating armies from different games.

Warlords of Kosmos:

While we generally like the concept of a common TT, we would like to have a plan presented laying out all important details like coin events and their impact in the Top Ten before making a decision.

Whilst we saw different opinions ranging from trust issues to power grabs to unity from the leaders, we took all of it into consideration. As we came to know that the Club Penguin Online Army League will keep making Universal Top Tens, no matter what:

Keeping the opinions of leaders in mind, Club Penguin Army Media has decided to NOT partake in any kind of merge attempts at the moment. As the other news site will continue to post a Universal Top Ten weekly with or without our cooperation, there’s no reason for us to merge. CPOAL continues to make its disdain in its own posts criticizing CPAM and expects relations to improve despite this. If CPOAL rebuilds trust with CPAM and its armies in the future, only then will we reconsider once more.



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