J&K’s Army Troop Interviews: Cheko

Blizzard, Club Penguin Armies Media HQ- Welcome to J&K’s Army Troop Interviews! Here, Jason & Kavacado, Reporter Trainees of the Club Penguin Army Media, are taking interesting interviews from penguins all around Club Penguin Armies. From the lowest recruits to the highest-ranked leaders, everyone can express and describe their opinion and point of view about this wonderful community.

Today, we will be interviewing 69chekochekdar, also known as Cheko, a Major in the Army of Club Penguin!



Kava: Cheko, how are you doing today?

69chekochekdar: I’m doing alright, thank you. Glad to be here.

Jason: Glad to have you here too. So, how did you join ACP?

69chekochekdar: I left RPF for ACP.

Jason: Oh that’s interesting. Why?

69chekochekdar: The reason why is because ACP isn’t as large as RPF is, I wanted to help them grow bigger. This was a tough decision as well because RPF is my first army which is special to me.

Kava: I see! that makes sense! How long have you been in ACP and CPA in general?

69chekochekdar: March 23rd is when I joined ACP and February 28th for the CPA.

Kava: Interesting!

Jason: How did you feel leaving RPF?

69chekochekdar: To be honest, it made me sad because like I said before, it was a tough decision to make because they’re my first army ever. I may not be in RPF anymore, but I’ll never forget them and their beautiful community.

Jason: I guess sacrifices must be made to move forward.

69chekochekdar: It was the best choice for me since RPF doesn’t really need help with recruiting.

Jason: Yeah, I agree. Anyway, what’s your favourite part of this army?

69chekochekdar: Recruiting for my army.

Kava: I see! Why so?

69chekochekdar: Because I love recruiting, no matter how difficult and frustrating it can be. This is how I help my army which is my main task as an ACP moderator.

Jason: So you do your best to help the army. Good job!

69chekochekdar: I appreciate that, Jason.

Kava: What do you usually do outside Club Penguin Armies?

69chekochekdar: I used to play different First Person Shooter games, for example, CSGO & Overwatch.

Jason: Cool! What’s your opinion about CPA?

69chekochekdar: Since I’m new to the CPA community, I find it quite confusing because I never thought there would be armies on a game like Club Penguin.

Kava: I couldn’t agree more! I don’t think any of us expected to stumble upon this. Are there any changes you would like to see in ACP or in the CPA community?

69chekochekdar: Yes and that is ACP.

Kava: Oh? How so?

69chekochekdar: I want it to grow its size, much larger than it used to be. The old generation may have perished. However, the soldiers from the new generation like me are doing our best right now and are making progress too. (edited)

Jason: That’s some ambitious plans. Good luck!

69chekochekdar: Thank you very much.

Jason: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

69chekochekdar: Hopefully in ACP HCom.

Jason: Good luck.

Kava: All the best! Now onto more spontaneous questions! Do you happen to have any ridiculous goals in life?

69chekochekdar: Join the Armed Forces.

Jason: What a life goal! Anyway, as an ACP Mod, do you feel like a follower or a leader?

69chekochekdar: I think I’d say follower because I haven’t touched the leader mode yet.

Jason: interesting. Last question, favourite colour?

69chekochekdar: Black & Gold.

Kava: Lovely! Is there anything you would like to say before we end the interview? :GWowoHehe:

69chekochekdar: I would like to say shoutout to Sawfishpro from RPF, Bschar from my army and his favourite country, Syria.

Jason: Lol. Thanks for your time.

69chekochekdar: Thank you for this interview! Take care.


Be sure to keep an eye out for next weeks interview! Who knows? Maybe you could be our next interviewee! Be sure to DM either katerina#9039 or Jason6331#3481 on Discord if you would like to be interviewed!


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