Moshivictus Removed From Lime Green Army Leadership

BLIZZARD, CP Army Media Headquarters – Moshivictus, a leader of the Lime Green Army, has been removed from his position following a shocking series of events.

The Lime Green Army reached a new peak on the CP Army Media Top Ten Armies, ranking third. Yet just a week later they were hit with internal turmoil that lead to the removal of one of their leaders. Moshivictus, also known as Moshi, was struck off by fellow leaders Dino and Solo on April 26th.

Dino made a public statement on the Lime Green Army website, describing Moshi as a “cancer for LGA foreign relations” in his opening paragraph. These relations were with several armies, including the People’s Imperial Confederation and Recon Federation, both of which threatened server raids in response to Moshi’s behaviour.

Manu, PIC leader, threatening LGA with event raids unless Moshi was removed from his position.

Furthermore, his actions resulted in the “LGA liaison” being banned from the Army of Club Penguin discord server. This behaviour generated a significant amount of friction between the three Lime Green leaders, which came to a peak on Sunday in the form of his immediate dismissal. Moshi left the army Discord server and group chats, and can currently only be found on the chat for the Rebel Penguin Federation.

In his website statement, Dino concluded: “I am hereby BANISHING Moshi from the LG Army and furthermore removing him from power. LGA’s reputation will not be harmed anymore.” A recent event, an AUSIA division Find Four tournament, saw them execute strong tactics and a maximum size of 5 penguins. They dropped three places, to 6th, in the most recent edition of the Top Ten Armies, but are hoping to bounce back in the coming weeks.

The Lime Green Army at a recent event, April 27th.

CP Army Media spoke to Dino and can exclusively reveal their future plans are to “rise from the current situation and select a new leader very soon“. With their internal issues now resolved, it will be interesting to see if the Lime Green Army will benefit without one of their previously key players.


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