[WWR]: ACP’s Aggression & PIC’s Retaliation

Blizzard, Club Penguin Army Media ─ The Club Penguin Army Community was lost in despair when Army of Club Penguin declared war against the People’s Imperial Federation. It must be noted that Army of CP is already in a war with the Rebel Penguin Federation, who are in turn war with ACP’s ally Chaos Army and ACP itself. The community is in deep division as we here at CP Army Media observe Armies turning against one-another.


Tensions between the People’s Imperial Confederation and ACP has existed for quite sometime now. Sidie, founder of the PIC, was a former leader of the ACP’s AUSIA division. Originally the two co-existed together in peace. However, that couldn’t stay the same.

ACP conducted a swift war in which they devastated PIC and caused the army to break apart ─ Sidie’s move into the RFCP and NotManuGinobili’s moving into the LGA.

Not long after that, former PIC leader NotManuGinobili became ACP’s 3rd-in-command. He managed ACP’s training regiment and resigned due to inter-struggles within the higher command. Tensions never cooled down and always existed since then.

War Declarations

On 29th April 2020, at around 6:30 PM BST, the Army of Club Penguin released a War Declaration against the PIC. The war declaration post didn’t have any detailed reason behind this announcement. Addressing it to the People’s Imperial Confederation of Club Penguin, here is what the Army of Club Penguin set forth:

The Army of Club Penguin is now declaring war against the PEOPLE’S IMPERIAL CONFEDERATION.
The ACP hereby set the following rules:
1) 24 hour notice before all invasions, via discord.
2) No allies allowed.
3) No multilogging.


Following ACP’s war declaration, the People’s Imperial Confederation retaliated by declaring war on the Army of CP, but with a different set of terms. PIC stated that they stand firmly with their closest allies – Rebel Penguin Federation and that this war isn’t to take revenge against ACP, but to support RPF. Here are the terms set by the PIC of Club Penguin:

Today is a historic day for the Confederation, as it is the first time in our history that we declare war. The People’s Imperial Confederation hereby declare war on the Army of Club Penguin.

To the Army of Club Penguin with love.

-> Allies allowed.
-> Invasions must have 24 hour notice.
-> No dual enlistment.


A World War has begun, after quite a long time. With Armies depending on allies, it will be interesting to see how this sect of the upcoming battles proceed. Both armies have set different terms in their war declarations. The community awaits to see the upcoming battles between these two armies, their allies, the World War itself.

What do YOU think about this? Which side will have a bigger impact? How do you see this World War progressing? Comment Below and let US know!



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