Metal Warriors Return for a Reunion Practice Battle with the Lime Green Army

BLIZZARD, CP Army Media Headquarters – The first non-English speaking army, the Metal Warriors, made a dramatic comeback this week to battle the Lime Green Army. But who was declared victor in this intense encounter? Read more to find out!

The Metal Warriors were created by Lenco and Pahi8 on July 22nd, 2010. They made history by becoming the first army to be solely non-English speaking, as their members were from Croatia and spoke Croatian, thereby paving the way for armies’ today such as the Os Mascarados.

The Metal Warriors thrived in late 2011 and early 2012, winning the majority of the small and medium army tournaments and placing 4th in the CP Army Central’s Champions Cup. They peaked at 5th on the large army Top Ten, and even won an award for the ‘Best Medium Army of 2012’. Their final event took place in September 2014 in the form of a tactics training. The reached a size of 6 and soon afterwards, creator and leader Lenco shut down the army.

Metal Warriors Event

Recently, many veterans have been finding the army community again due to the corona-virus lock-down. Among these was Lenco, and he recently rejoined the Army of Club Penguin for a moderator rank. Alongside this, he set up a Discord ‘hangout’ server for the Metal Warrior’s former soldiers to meet up once more. This lead to a practice battle being organised between the Metal Warriors and Lime Green Army for April 30th, and would serve as a one-off special reunion for the Metal Warriors.

The battle took place across three rooms, the Stadium, Cove and Ice Berg, on CP Army: The Game’s server Klondike. The Lime Green Army dominated in size, reaching a max of 9 penguins in comparison to Metal Warrior’s 7. After an intense 30 minutes with an array of emote and word tactics exchanged, it was unanimously decided the Lime Green Army were the winners.

Lenco commented on the practice battle in his results post:

We had a practice battle, since we hadn’t done this for 6 years, it was really good. We lost the battle, but most importantly, we had fun.

In contrast, Field Marshal Snapple said the following in their victory post:

 Knowing their history made it all the more honorable to battle them today! Thank you to Metal Warriors for giving us the chance to battle you!

It is clear that several members from the ‘original’ army community are finding their way back amidst the corona-virus lock-down, and it can be anticipated that more armies like the Metal Warriors will be holding reunion events in the coming weeks. Will this battle be a one-off for the Metal Warriors, or could we see them making a more permanent impact on this new community?

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