Takis Army Shuts Down; Karma Becomes Lime Green Army Leader

BLIZZARD, CP Army Media Headquarters – Just three weeks after their revival, the Takis Army have shut down and in it’s wake, leader Karma has joined the Lime Green Army leadership.

Takis Army Shut Down

The most recent edition of the Top Ten Armies saw the newly revived Takis Army narrowly miss out on a position, as they ranked 11th. This generation peak was three weeks in the works, as the Takis were revived back on April 11th. Their return event was described by leader HippieFRESH as “amazing”, and he declared the Takis had made their comeback following a three year closure. They achieved a respectable size of 11 soldiers and executed some strong tactics and formations.

The Takis at their return event, April 11th.

In the following three weeks since this return event, however, the Takis activity slowed significantly and only three events were held in total, all of which from the army’s ‘AUSIA’ division. The most recent of these was an invasion of the server Rocky Road on ‘CP Army: The Game’ that took place on April 21st, and saw the army max 6 penguins with strong executed tactics. The invasion was lead by ‘AUSIA’ leader and fourth-in-command, Minerboy52, who praised the division in his results post.

The Takis invading Rocky Road.

The army’s three leaders, Karma, HippieFRESH and Marshon decided to shut down the army on cease all further operations on April 29th. CP Army Media spoke to Karma, who revealed:

Growing an army from zero is always a difficult task. we eventually decided that we would be more productive devoting our assets to our closest allies instead. naturally, our shutdown came after Greeny dedicated himself to advising and I made my return to LGA.

Karma Joins Lime Green Army Leadership

Since then, Karma has joined the Lime Green Army, where she has been given the role of leader alongside Dino and Solo. It was only last week when the Lime Green Army removed former leader Moshivictus from his position (Click HERE), yet it seems this role has been filled with the instating of Karma. HippieFRESH has also made the same move, and is now the Lime Green Army advisor. Karma spoke to CP Army Media on her future plans in the army:

My main goals for LGA are increasing our activity in the community aside from war and growing the AUSIA division. i’m striving to continue the vibe from 2019: fun events, games and a laid back atmosphere!

The first event under her leadership was a practice battle with the Metal Warriors (Click HERE), which resulted in a Lime Green victory. The army achieved a max of nine penguins in comparison to Metal Warrior’s seven, with some strong formations and tactics executed throughout.

The Lime Green Army battling the Metal Warriors, April 30th.

The sudden and sad closure of the Takis Army means one less army in the community, although leader Karma is taking her experience of leadership to the Lime Green Army. Will her new role in the leadership aid the army to grow? And is this really the end of the Takis Army, or could we see their revival in future?

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


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