Top Ten Armies [ 26/04 – 2/05 ]

Blizzard, Club Penguin Army Media HQ – In the wake of World War Rewritten, the Top Ten sees some new faces, as well as some placement changes as the Top 3 Armies, remain consistent. Read below to know more.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [ 103.6 ] [ – ] 

2. Army of Club Penguin [ 78.2 ] [ – ]

3.  Help Force [ 60.5 ] [ – ]

4. Chaos Army [ 58.2 ] [ – ]

5. Recon Federation of Club Penguin [ 48.1 ] [ NEW! ]

6. Warlords of Kosmos [ 37.5 ] [ +4 ]

7. People’s Imperial Confederation [ 34.8 ] [ -2 ]

8. Os Mascarados [ 29 ] [ +4 ]

9. Shadow Troops [ 25.7 ] [ -2 ]

10. Barbz of Club Penguin [ 25.2 ] [ NEW! ]

Close to the Top Ten

11. Pizza Federation [ 21.8 ] [ NEW! ]

12. Lime Green Army [ 21.2 ] [ -6 ]

13. Crimson Guardians [ 20.8 ] [ NEW! ]

14. Red Velvet Army [ 20.5 ] [ -6 ]

15T. Aliens [ 15.5 ] [ -6 ]

15T. Kings [ 15.5 ] [ NEW! ]

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Rebel Penguin Federation –

Rebel Penguin Federation kicked off their week with an AUSIA event maxing 52 and an EU branch battle maxing 81. On Tuesday, they held an AUSIA battle against ACP with a max of 75, an unscheduled event led by Elmikey with a max of 44, and a US battle against ACP with a max of 85. The next day, they continued their war in a defense against ACP and Chaos where they maxed 118. They also held an unscheduled U-Lead with a max of 77. On Thursday, RPF had a max of 75 at their AUSIA defenses and 84 at an unscheduled event. Friday’s event gave RPF a max of 117 at their EU defense. Finally, they held an AUSIA costume event with a max of 64 and a US costume event with a max of 92.

Army of Club Penguin

The Army of Club Penguin began their week with an EU Star Wars event maxing 35. On Tuesday, they defended their capital servers with maxes of 45 at their AUSIA and 57 at their US. The next day, they maxed 60 at an EU invasion against RPF. On Thursday, they maxed 35 at their AUSIA invasion. Finally, they maxed 34 at their EU defense on Friday.

Help Force

Help Force held an EU branch battle, maxing 28, to start their week. The next day, they maxed 34 at an AUSIA costume event and 45 at an EU stamp event. On Tuesday, they maxed 20 at their AUSIA event and 34 at their US event. Then, on Thursday, they maxed 39 at an EU stamp event. They maxed 42 at their invasion of Northern Lights on Friday. Finally, they maxed 29 at their EU costume event on Saturday.

Chaos Army

The Chaos army stormed through the competition with an unscheduled AUSIA training on Sunday, maxing 23. They followed it with a birthday on Monday, maxing 45. They held a defense of Beanie against the RPF, maxing 32. They later assisted with the invasion of a Tuxedo, maxing 21. For Thursday, they battled for a Ascent, maxing 32. Finally, they held a training (previously meant to be a PB against the LGA), maxing 33.

Recon Federation of Club Penguin –

Recon Federation held a US wedding event on Sunday with a max of 12, as well as an EU training with a max of 6. The next day, they held two US events maxing 10 and 12. On Tuesday, they maxed 8 at a US contest event and 22 at a US swearing-in ceremony. Then, on Wednesday, they maxed 8 at their US Sith vs. Jedi event, 24 at their EU invasion against RPF, 7 at their US hide and seek, and 8 at their Plankton vs. Mr. Krabs event. On Thursday, they maxed 18 at their AUSIA invasion against RPF, as well as 6 at two US events. On Friday, RFCP maxed 33 at their EU defense supporting ACP. They also maxed 14 and 8 at their US events. Finally, they maxed 17 at a US raid and 40 at a US battle on Saturday.

Warlords of Kosmos –

To start their week for the upcoming invasions, they held a Wednesday EU training event on CPATG, maxing 7. On Thursday, they invaded Ascent against Chaos Army for their EU event, maxing 33. Finally, on Friday they invaded Slushy against the Pizza Federation, maxing 23.

People’s Imperial Confederation

The People’s Imperial Confederation started their week with an EU recruiting event on Monday, maxing 11. The next day, they maxed 12 at a US costume event. On Wednesday, they maxed 13 at a US training event, as well as 10 at their battle against RPF. They maxed 14 at their US Lorax event on Thursday, as well as 10 at their training event on the same day. Then, they maxed 8 at their unscheduled invasion assist on Friday. Finally, they held an EU training event with a max of 11.

Os Mascarados –

Os Mascarados kicked off their week with an EU event maxing 10. They held an EU event maxing 11 on Monday. The next day, they maxed 11 at another EU event. On Thursday, OMA maxed 9 at an anniversary event. Finally, they maxed 9 at a training event on Saturday.

Shadow Troops –

The Shadow Troops started their week off with a recruitment event, maxing 12. They sparked into Wednesday with an event on deep freeze maxing 10. Finally, they needed their week with an event on Saturday, maxing 14.

Barbz of Club Penguin –

The Barbz of CPR had their first event on Thursday, maxing 14. On Friday, they held an unscheduled event where they maxed 9. Finally, that same day, they maxed 12 at a practice event.

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