Leaders Perspective – World War Rewritten

Over the course of the long four days of battle, the individual armies each experienced ups, downs, or both. Here’s what the leaders of the individual armies have to say about their army’s progress. To find out more, click read more.

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Liv: As the leader of your army and an invested member of the community, can you give us your opinion on the events of World War Rewritten and its effects both on your individual army and the community itself?

RPF -> Ulti: RPF’s morale was at a high due to the war. Many old members rejoined to help us defend our territory, and we found ourselves maxing above 100 more than once in a week, even on weekdays. As for the community, I think the war demonstrated that modern armies can still have conflict, something that has been long missing aside from the various wars of Summer 2019, many of which were short and one-sided.

It also demonstrated what the difference was between a league’s structure and the lack thereof of a news organization, and helped specify the pros and cons of each.

ACP -> CSY: I think if anything, this war has shown the army community that we cannot function fully without a league of some sort to make decisions and hammer down consequences of actions. Whilst the previous iteration of CPAM, CPA, caused a lot of disagreements within the community, the speed in which the community fell into chaos will, I think, lead to most leaders wanting a centralized judging system or league.

We’re still navigating the waters of how to best build the army community and this war will only make the community stronger in the future.

HF -> Moon: World War Rewritten didn’t offer much to anybody. It made the community realize we need more than a News Site, sure. But besides that nobody benefited and nobody lost. HF lost an ally, but gained another one. World War Rewritten wasn’t really a war, wars aren’t a week. It was just a warning that something similar, but worse, is possible.

Chaos -> Orange: I think world war rewritten had little effect on the participating armies, but played a huge role in possibly reshaping the community. After the war, every army that took part realized the importance of having a league so the outcomes to battles can be decided rather than the every army claiming victory – it was getting tiring and annoying. Specifically to Chaos, I think with the performance Chaos put in, people now view us as major players in the community.

LGA -> Dino: World War Rewritten was a huge mess for both my army and community. It fractured moral, broke activity, and too many people to combat. I don’t really think it was much of a world war. It ended all within 4 days. That’s weaker than the war of smoke and sour in my opinion.

PIC -> Sidie9: The effects of World War Rewritten on the People’s Imperial Confederation and the community are extensive. Firstly, the People’s Imperial Confederation has had its first taste of war in its new generation, meaning many troops are prepared for future conflicts.

In regards to the army community, however, power balances have shifted once more heavily in the favor of the Rebel Penguin Federation, Chaos has made a name for itself as a significant power, and the Warlords of Kosmos have joined forces to form the large Golden Guardian mutation.

Furthermore, many armies are now questioning the importance of having leagues or regulations after the disgusting mess of World War Rewritten, with both sides claiming absolute victory at every turn. I feel like the army community is currently at a crossroads.

Aliens -> Spotty: Originally aliens allied with ACP at the start of the war. However when Help Force got involved I decided that it was for the best to remove Aliens from the war, as we didn’t want to get involved in a fight with allies on different sides. I think the war helps to revive the community, if armies are just hosting events everyday it makes the community boring. A war helps to hype up the community and the armies and it helps to increase the activeness of everyone.

WoK -> Superhero: Warlords of Kosmos benefited greatly during WWR, since there was way more recruiting taking place and the army expanded. WOK may be dead now for reasons unrelated to that conflict, but the same troops have now moved on Golden Guardians so you can say the positive effect transferred there. About the community, I think it was overall good because we saw some huge awesome battles and most armies showed an increase on event activity and sizes.

PZF -> R3tro: I think it made PZF a lot more active, as we never had an AUSIA event before the war. I think it also showed that the community needs a league. For a majority of the battles in WWR, everyone declared that they won and there was no clear winner on who won certain battles. If we had a league or a third party to help moderate the battles if we needed a third party, it would have made things make a lot easier to follow.

RFCP -> Prior Bumble: World War 8 marks RFCP’s first World War. We felt the gravity of partaking in something globally historic, and seeing the carnage of soldiers strewn across every room of the map, fighting their own battles, made this whole game seem so real. My army was impacted by the weight of being one of the “big boys” contesting in the main rooms–ACP and RFCP against RPF.

It made us realize how far we have come and how we have the power to change the outcome of this thing. We are proud to have been veterans and actors in this conflict. In the community, I think WW8 provided the surprising proof that ancient army grudges can be shelved in the face of a larger threat. But it ended up awakening more frustration than it relieved.

ACP and RPF were the two poles of this dispute, but once they struck their own agreement, they both turned cold shoulders to the other armies they pulled into their orbit, as if the only legitimate battles rested with them.

This war was cut short, but that pent-up energy demands to be released, and I think that frustration will be manifesting itself in other ways in the near future.


A takeaway from these interviews would be that World War Rewritten has definitely taken its toll on all the armies involved, for better or for worse. This war, that only lasted four days, has made a lasting impact on the armies. How big of an impact is it? We will find out in future battles to come.

What do YOU think about this war’s impact on the armies? Let us know in the comment section below!



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