Out from the Shadows: Shadow Troops, Warlords of Kosmos Form New Army

BLIZZARD, CP Army Media HQ — In the aftermath of World War Rewritten, the community is going back to normal, but this does not come without change. Some people have realized that now is the best time to act.

Pjayo, the leader of Shadow Troops, is a seasoned veteran and has been in the army community for almost 10 years. His army has achieved mediocre success since returning last month. In last week’s top ten, Shadow Troops placed eighth, dropping two spots.

Yesterday morning before Shadow Troop’s event, Pjayo announced that it would be their last.

“For the time being, today will be Shadow Troops’ last event. But Thomas and I have very big things in store. So please. Enjoy todays event, have fun. There will be a formal announcement as to what is going on after the event. I think you’re going to like it. Thanks to Commando, who isn’t even here, for making ST in the first place. Thanks to people like Coff, S cargo2 and Holo2 for getting it to the point where people had a vested interest in seeing it succeed, and I hope they’ll help us succeed in the next project. Because we aren’t going anywhere. “-Pjayo

Shadow Troops’ goodbye event where they maxed 18

Later that day, Pjayo announced that Shadow Troops would be rebranding to Golden Guardians and that they would be moving servers and websites. (Click here for the post). Pjayo mentioned that this would be his last go at Club Penguin Armies.

Earlier this morning, it was announced that Super, the owner of Warlords of Kosmos, would merge into Golden Troops. Super is one of the most influential members of the CPAM community and is also an admin for CPATG. Warlords finished sixth in the most recent top ten. Even thought Warlords had a very successful week, Superhero decided reluctantly that they would merge into Golden Guardians.

“I am in the sad position to announce that Warlords Of Kosmos are merging into Golden Guardians, I simply dont have the time to keep solo-leading an army. Thanks a lot for being part of this!” -Superhero

The Warlord’s final event which was a battle against PZF


 Interview with Pjayo, Golden Guardians Leader

conducted by Lev, CP Army Media Reporter-Trainee

CPAM: So Pjayo you’ve been in the army community for around 10 years now, tell me some of your former accomplishments.

Pjayo: To sum it up easy, I’ve lead Water Vikings, Doritos, Dark Warriors, Dragons, Shadow Troops before this along with being owner in a few armies outside of that.

CPAM: Impressive, now moving on, did this generation of Shadow Troops meet your expectations and what you were trying to achieve with Shadow Troops?

Pjayo: In some ways it surpassed my expectations, and, at least for me, I was trying to achieve that feeling I got when I was leading years ago, back in 2014. But it didn’t feel quite right. So here we are with GG.

CPAM: Where do expect Golden Guardians to be in a month and do you think you guys can break top 4 in CPAM?

Pjayo: Speaking in terms of just raw legacy, the leadership contains some of the greatest leaders from the Water Vikings, having gotten them to first on CPAC multiple times, along with Thomas, who has proven himself through the Crew and ST, and Super, who is probably one of the most important leaders not just right now but of all time. This, combined with an all star HCom, the power of two of CPAM’s larger armies, and just the raw hype behind a legitimately NEW contender in armies, I’m very confident we break top 4 within the first week or two.

CPAM: Since Golden Guardians is a brand new army, where did you get the name from?
Pjayo: Originally, it was a name I thought up when LGA and ST were talking mergers very briefly, as a neutral army to start with. Eventually when plans to revive the Water Vikings themselves fell through, me and Tymatt began talking about the possibility of leaving a truly lasting legacy. That legacy would become Golden Guardians. Funny enough though, it does look like someone did try to do Golden Guardians all the way back in 2014, but it seems they never got past the name, as I couldn’t find a site or anything. Also shoutout to GG|Zain the GOAT.
CPAM: Well thank you Pjayo for taking time out of your day and speaking with us. Good luck to you and your army in the future.
Pjayo: No problem. 

 With two medium sized armies merging and becoming one, we could see a new top contender in the next few weeks. Pjayo seems optimistic for his future and believes his army has potential. Pjayo made the smart move of merging with Warlords which was a similar size to Shadow Troops.

What do YOU think will happen? Will Golden Guardians get off the ground? Will the army be an ultra flop? Let US know by commenting below!


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