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Blizzard, DMT’s Office- The Club Penguin Armies legends inductions process, COP, came under fire today by it’s sister organization, Club Penguin Army Media.

Table of Contents

1. In-Depth Explanation of Choosing the BoG
2. The Inner-workings of COP
3. Zing King To’s First Editorial
4. Zing King To’s Second Editorial
5. Progressing With the 2019 Legends Inductions With Community Input


In-Depth Explanation of Choosing the BoG

When I sat down to evaluate community members for the Board of Governors, there were three things on my mind.  The first piece of criteria was activity.  I wanted someone who was in the community for all of 2019, and was able to see everything and everyone in real time.  The second piece of criteria was army ties.  I tried my hardest to not pick anyone with serious army ties to be within the board.  This is because the perspective of an army leader tends to be clouded by focusing on their own army.  Having someone who’s main priority was the community was crucial in picking each governor.  The third piece of criteria was the ability of being well-versed.  I wanted someone who is able to convey their thoughts and opinions with ease, creating an easy dialogue for a situation with a lot of magnitude on it.  Level-headed thinkers, in short.


I put myself on the board because I was an admin of Club Penguin Armies throughout its entire lifespan, which lasted the majority of 2019.  I never had any serious, crucial army ties as my time as administrator.  I was also the public relations administrator, so I had an expansive knowledge of just about everyone in the community.  Some people claimed that having the power to put myself on the board is unfair and biased.  As CPA Chairman, I must say I only did this because of the circumstances.  I was already planning to not be on the board for 2020, as I am not involved nearly enough to do so.  It’s an undeniable fact that I, myself, met all the criteria for choosing a board member.


Emcee was chosen primarily because of how she valued the community aspect of armies when she arrived early on it’s lifespan.  Although serving as an HCOM member in both RPF and ACP, Emcee demonstrated all of the criteria I was looking for, most notably as someone who prioritized the community.  She held a high ranking position in Club Penguin Army News Network, and was also a staff member for Club Penguin Armies.  Throughout those positions, Emcee demonstrated the ability to remove her army ties from discussions, leading to unbiased and unclouded contributions that are much appreciated.


Superhero123 was chosen for similar reasons as I was chosen myself.  Not only was he an administrator of Club Penguin Armies, but he founded and ran Club Penguin Armies: The Game.  This asset allowed him to have contact with all sorts of people throughout the community.  While in 2020, Super has gone on to lead Warlords of Kosmo’s and Golden Guardians, he had no army affiliations in 2019.  He was a pillar of the 2019 community, and demonstrated above and beyond a level-headed board member.


Greeny13590 was chosen because of his status as founding member of Club Penguin Armies v2.  He, like myself, was an administrator for the entire lifespan of the organization and knew the community very well.  Yes, he did have ties to the Lime Green Army as it’s creator, but Greeny successfully demonstrated the ability to put aside those relations when it came to serious discussions as an administrator.  His knowledge of the community in 2019 is undeniable, no matter how it is sliced.

Dr. Flen:

Dr. Flen was chosen because he held a technician position and an administrator in Club Penguin Armies for the majority of it’s existence.  Although specializing in the technological side of CPA, Flen was an active voice in the community.  Throughout his time in CPA, he had no army ties to any CPR army and was a main driver of many things that shaped what Club Penguin Armies stood for.  His dedication to the community was unmatched, thus earning a spot as a governor.

The Inner-Workings of COP

The Community and Organization Process, colloquially known as COP, was a legends inductions system created by Club Penguin Armies in an attempt to bring a new look to legends inductions for the CPPS army community.  A key feature of COP was having community members being able to obtain legend status in multiple years.  This was highlighted in the original post as a way to create a measurement for the success of legends in the community, which would be based on how many times a person was nominated for legend.  The process itself focused on involving the community more than previous iterations of the legends inductions in the past, while still maintaining a sense of a “well-earned” legend.  This process was also well received by newly appointed CPAM CEO Kingfunks4.  While he did question the single year system, he agreed to be the head governor for CPO’s inductions that were going to be held on this website.  The idea of an anonymous board was to maintain a sense of security for those on the board.  The new age of armies is much more connected than ever before, which makes it that much easier to launch harassment and pressure onto users.  Club Penguin Armies thought it would be best to avoid this by leaving the board unknown for at least until the process was over.  When the post was shared in CPAM Discord on the 1st of May, no one reached out to myself with concern of this.  I was under the impression that it was well received.

The initial phase took place from the 3rd of May to the 5th of May, which is a combination of board and community into creating a list that represents both minds of the community.  Each board member made a broad list of people they believed made an impact in 2019.  The sizes of these lists varied for each board member, and after deliberation, each list was narrowed down to at most 20 people.  As stated in the post, community DMs were given priority.  This means that before a final list was decided by the board, the DMs I received were counted.  People receiving an abundant amount of votes were instantly added to the list regardless of how many board members put them on their own lists.  This is why people such as Prior Bumble, Pookie437, Cena, and Karma were added to the list, despite not being a common pick of the board members.  The rest of the list was formed after that, with the aim to have 15-to-20 candidates.

Zing King To’s First Editorial

On the 6th of May, newly appointed CPAM Executive Producer released an editorial on the BoG, claiming that the process that was used by Club Penguin Army Central was under attack.  Zing’s opinion was more stated as an action taken by CPAM, as seen in the following quote:

There were occasions in which the community displayed absolute anguish towards a certain member on the committee. Due to wanting to hear from our readers, and wanting to ensure we deliver the best for them, we decided to reform the committee with what the public wanted.

This is something that we can not do here as we have been kept in the dark about who is on the board. The very people who will have a say in who history look at as the very best we had to offer, are now shadows. Shadows in a dark web of secrecy and hypocrisy.

While it’s understandable to have a differing opinion from the decisions that I made with the board, this quote breaks the post off from being an editorial to being a call-to-arms.  In a 2006 post from the National Center for Biotechnology Information, authors Ajai Singh and Shakuntala Singh state:

A good editorial should express an opinion without being opinionated. It should teach without being pedagogic. It should transform without being evangelical. It should engulf without drowning. It should motivate to action without making you dictatorial. It should enlighten without getting you dogmatic, prejudiced and egotistical.

While Zing brings up good points, and his concern is shared by the community, the execution of his editorial was poor in the fact that it blatantly called for a rebellion against the system.  Zing was using his media leverage to rouse the crowds, as shown here and here over an issue that was discussed in the morning in a civil fashion.  In all, this editorial, while having good intentions, was carried out to an extreme that is unprofessional for a high ranking Club Penguin Army Media official.

Zing King To’s Second Editorial

After I shared the board in the general chat of Club Penguin Army Media’s Discord server, Zing wrote another post based on the event calling the legends committee a scandal.  Zing restated the valid points he made in his first editorial.  After waking up from a nap, I opened Discord to see what was going on in CPAM and was instantly asked by Zing about the board.  I released the board name members and the board was received with positivity and content.  While there were still concerns, it looked like from my perspective that the community just wanted to know the board.  In his second article, Zing goes on to say:

The committee of five is a mixture of people which notably lack star power. With little to no army leaders, army veterans or already legends in Club Penguin, the experience level is called into question.

I do not care if someone disagrees with me.  I’m glad people expressed their concerns about the system, and I was taking each concern very seriously.  However, this quote is a pure example of Zing not knowing what he is talking about.  First, as explained in the first section of this post, each member was a huge face in the community from a neutral standpoint for the majority of 2019 and CPA’s lifespan.  Second, Emcee is currently his boss.  Thirdly, I have been in armies since 2010, Greeny and Superhero since 2013, and Flen since 2012.  That’s four army veterans, who all led multiple armies to prominence in Club Penguin Army Central.  I led Army Republic when they hit 1st place in 2015, Greeny led multiple successful armies in 2016, Superhero led the AUSIA prominent army known as Smart Penguins, who made multiple CPAC appearances, and Flen was a successful AUSIA leader of the Ice Warriors in 2014.  This is not even counting the experience amounted in 2019.  So that’s two of the three claims that are blatant lies by Zing.

It seems that Zing forgot to take into account the idea of legends inductions being done on a year-to-year basis, with candidates focusing on only the year in question.  If the legends inductions are only focusing on one year, wouldn’t it make sense to pick based off of the criteria I listed in the first section of this post?  And why does being someone who’s held a weighty position or being a legend a requirement for the board?  What should be valued when naming a legends inductions board member is there knowledge and their critical thinking skills, not just merit.  It’s silly to just hand people who were named legend the keys to the title itself when they may not even know who they’re voting on!

Zing’s comments in this post were disrespectful to me and my colleagues, who worked tirelessly to give CPR armies a home in 2019, when they had none.  I respect the positions that Zing has held throughout his lengthy career in armies, but that does not give him the right to make a mockery of the people that set up the foundation to the community that exists today.

Progressing With the 2019 Legends Inductions With Community Input

Regardless of the petty drama that is Club Penguin army experience, there are concerns within the community of the 2019 legends inductions process.  Club Penguin Armies wants to hear from everyone.  We still want to continue with the 2019 legends inductions, but we are willing to reform them in ways that satisfies the community.  We encourage the community to reach out with their ideas, whether that’s DMing a board member or leaving a comment on this post.  Thank you for reading.


Club Penguin Armies Chairman

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