CPOAL Implodes Following Legal Disputes and Coup

KLONDIKE, Zing’s Office – The last couple of weeks have presented themselves as action packed and filled with updates in the ongoing CPOAL scandal. With updates streaming in at a constant rate, CPAM will now do the very best that we can do in order to explain the situation, and tell you what you need to know.

Club Penguin Online is the Club Penguin Private Server owned by Riley, more commonly known in the community as Waterkid101. Waterkid101 is one of the most influential men in Club Penguin Army history, and his contributions will be remembered for years to come. As a friend of mine, someone who I worked with repeatedly from 2014 – 2017, I felt that I knew Waterkid101 and understood what he was about.

With that being said, several ex employees of Club Penguin Online began coming out with their stories about the way in which they had been treated on the site, hired to work on the site and more. The stories together formed a huge scandal that was largely brushed under the carpet, with those who dared mention the case and the victims, forcibly removed from discord servers and attacked.

With the reputation of Club Penguin Online falling through, the Club Penguin Online Army League started to feel the hit. Tensions among the staff were rising, in fighting with apparent and site views were massively decreasing as public opinion turned away.

Perhaps the smartest decision of Club Penguin Online Army League’s year was then taken. It was decided that the notorious and influential ‘CPAC 5’ would be brought in to reform the site. The group consists of five members of Club Penguin Army World Media, the leading and undisputed dominating force in the last generation. Each member of the CPAC 5 have ran at least one top ranking sites in their time.

With the CPAC 5 firmly in the driving seat, it appeared that things were finally looking up for CPOAL and the radical changes were made. A new name, dropping the ‘League’ from the site was announced allowing us to focus on accurate and informative news, as opposed to attempting to power grab from the community. CPAC measures were adopted, such as hailing from Klondike, bringing back the Legends Cup and more.

Despite the attempts made on damage control, a new twist to the tail was about to develop.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzZe-8wE9oM]

With over a million subscribers, popular Youtuber, Kavos, decided to upload a video talking about Club Penguin Online, labelling the owner of the site as a predator. In the video, Kavos went through a lot of the accusations on Waterkid101, better known now as Riley, and put across many accounts from victims.

Just hours following this video being dropped, I found myself in the mix of the CPOAL Discord Server, and the tension could have been cut with a knife. Kavos did what many felt should have been done a long time ago. He called for an investigation by the FBI. With the FBI called out, the logical assumption would be that they will have been contacted.

An extremely reliable source has informed us that there are now thirty-three accounts in which the FBI would like to discuss with Riley, and that the FBI are looking to speak to anyone who is involved in the running of CPO and associated programs.

What that means, if true, is that anyone who was an admin of CPO at the time this was occurring can also be classed as suspects in the case.

Despite admins of CPO beginning to mass panic, The CPAC 5 continued to set out their agenda for developing a new, centralised news site – which would invite CPR, CPO and all other platforms to one social hub in order to encourage a reunited community. While this idea seemed to be popular with some, Club Penguin Online were not happy with me.

Pulling me up about this, CPO questioned me on what I was doing, accusing me of being a traitor to CPO. I informed them, as I had time and time again – that if they have me on the site, I will only post in the interest of good, honest journalism. I am not some propaganda minister from the Weimar Republic.

Following this, Club Penguin Online admin Bay began running a vendetta against the CPAC 5. She would routinely find ways in which to attempt an overthrow. Whether it was banning me on chat, removing Atticus’s power, or taking away power from Funks – she tried multiple times to get rid of us.

Epic101 then announced that he was leaving. With CP Online falling apart, Epic announced it on his army’s website and left all CPO related discords later on.

Control of the board was then surrendered over to Andrew 24 and Freezie. Sadly, the decline continued and the responsibility was shifted onto 32op.

Despite Andrew and Freezie appearing to be in charge, anyone within the CPOAL community knew that in reality, Bay was calling the shots. With Bay calling the shots, the spotlight began to shine on her. Wanting to know what we had got ourselves into, the CPAC 5 went to Bay and called her out. Atticus947 decided to investigate into Bay and try to see what involvement, if any, she had in the Water conspiracy.

It came to our attention that Bay had been acting extremely cagey and quite suspicious. Quick to deflect any possibility of investigation, Bay removed Atticus, and banned him from the discord server. Following this ban, Bay decided to pull rank and take out the entirety of the CPAC 5 team before stepping down herself in an attempt to avoid scrutiny from a legal investigation.

With the eye of the law shining down on CPO, and many victims hopefully near getting the help they need, the CPOAL board imploded and a huge decline in quality at the site quickly followed.

What do YOU think? Will Bay be implicated further in the ongoing investigation? Will more victims continue to come forward? We will update you on progress in the Investigation.

Zing King To

Executive Producer

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