Doctor Mine Turtle U-Turn in Secret Legends Committee Scandal

KLONDIKE, Zing’s Office – On May 6th, it was revealed that the Legends Committee would be made up of a five person group of unknown figures with the ability to rig and manipulate the votes due to a lack of scrutiny from the public. With the scandal publically exposed by one fifth of the CPAC 5, Doctor Mine Turtle has now done a U Turn.

The post was revealed on the CP Army Media site by Zing King To in a form of an editorial, where he gave his opinion on the decision to have a secret board. An excerpt of that post can be seen below.

It is very important that Legends are inducted to the rank on a fair and accurate basis. I served on the Legends Committee from 2014 to 2017 in the community, hosting many of the actual inductions. When I did this, I ensured that transparency was the key to a successful election. We allowed the people the opportunity to develop the nominee list. We also allowed the people to see the key, influential figures that would be voting on who got legend.

There were occasions in which the community displayed absolute anguish towards a certain member on the committee. Due to wanting to hear from our readers, and wanting to ensure we deliver the best for them, we decided to reform the committee with what the public wanted.

This is something that we can not do here as we have been kept in the dark about who is on the board. The very people who will have a say in who history look at as the very best we had to offer, are now shadows. Shadows in a dark web of secrecy and hypocrisy.

The post included opinions from army users such as 2funky3 and CuriousKitty, who voiced their distain towards the process. Here at CP Army Media, we are committed to listening to the people and bringing up the things that they believe is an issue.

A wave of crowd support came in against Doctor Mine Turtle following the post. With messages suggesting we need to “stop DMT”, it was clear that Doctor Mine Turtle would need to release a statement on the situation.

Unfortunately, this statement simply did not come so I decided to ask Doctor Mine Turtle.

As you can see from the above, the vow of silence from Doctor Mine Turtle was broken following a lack of public support. DMT announced that the committee who would be voting on the Legends Inductions would be Greeny, Superhero, Flen, Emcee and himself.

The committee of five is a mixture of people which notably lack star power. With little to no army leaders, army veterans or already legends in Club Penguin, the experience level is called into question.

With the very public reveal not happening as planned, it will be interesting to see what happens in the coming days and whether or not the Legends Induction will go ahead in the form that Doctor Mine Turtle wishes it too.

What do YOU think? How should the Legends Induction be handled? What makes someone qualified to induct a legend? Let us know.

Zing King To

Executive Producer

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