EDITORIAL: A Secret Legends Committee is an Injustice

KLONDIKE, Zing’s Office – Throughout the years of Club Penguin Armies, we have seeked ways to honour those who have paved the way for us in the community. We have attempted to develop awards, ranks and legacies for the people who have grown the community. One of the main things we have done is develop a Legends Committee, to vote on who should be a legend. Now that process is under attack.

Regardless of site, the Legends Induction has always been something that experts and the public alike have had a say in. This has been to ensure the right amount of scrutiny is available to the people that you believe should be legend on the site.

Doctor Mine Turtle has been enlisted by CP Army Media to conduct the Legends Induction, which includes many things. This includes the appointment of the board of people that will choose who gets the legends position and who doesn’t. It has since been revealed that this board will be anonymous to the people, removing the opportunity for scrutiny and critism.

It is very important that Legends are inducted to the rank on a fair and accurate basis. I served on the Legends Committee from 2014 to 2017 in the community, hosting many of the actual inductions. When I did this, I ensured that transparency was the key to a successful election. We allowed the people the opportunity to develop the nominee list. We also allowed the people to see the key, influential figures that would be voting on who got legend.

There were occasions in which the community displayed absolute anguish towards a certain member on the committee. Due to wanting to hear from our readers, and wanting to ensure we deliver the best for them, we decided to reform the committee with what the public wanted.

This is something that we can not do here as we have been kept in the dark about who is on the board. The very people who will have a say in who history look at as the very best we had to offer, are now shadows. Shadows in a dark web of secrecy and hypocrisy.

The official line from CP Army Media and Doctor Mine Turtle was that the move to have a shadow organisation run the elections was to prevent bias and to ensure that the people voting did not find themselves swayed in any way. This is nonsensical and wrong. To suggest that a public board can not operate respectfully and maturely has been proven wrong over the years. CPAC always ran a public board and the elections went off without a hitch.

The community has been in outrage over the mysterious nature of the elections. With concern about what else Doctor Mine Turtle is hiding from us, we now need to look into events such as the very closure of Club Penguin. Was that to do with Mine Turtle and his mysterious board of shadow figures? We might now, never know.

As you can see from the above image, the public explained to CPAM that they feel it is a NEED for a publicized board, not just a want. Transparency is essential. That is the message that the public have and that I feel strongly about too.

What do YOU think? Should the elections be held behind closed doors? Or should we ensure that transparency is essential in everything we do?

Zing King To

Executive Producer

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  1. This isn’t a easy topic. Hope you’ll find out a solution.

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