Editorial: My Experiences On The CPO Army League Board – Their Way Or No Way

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – As the appointment of the CPAC 5 is announced, I give you a true account of what it is like to be in the CPO Army League and the board. This account goes past the lies and propaganda put forward by CPOAL in the past 24 hours and actually puts forward the truth.

Why I Joined CPOAL & What We Achieved

As you may know, I rejoined armies a few weeks ago as I was bored at home during the coronavirus lockdown and wanted to be involved in a news website for the upcoming months. As I saw Atticus had already become Chief Executive Officer of CPO Army League a few days earlier, I made the decision to move to CPOAL in an ‘advisory’ role (this quickly turned into me running the website with Atticus). After a few days I was (partially through my own initiative) thrown into the middle of the site merger talks – which failed. At first, I will be honest, I thought this was because CPAM armies weren’t open to change. Later we will look at how I just didnt see why armies outside of CPO had concerns.

After about a week the websites views increased by 400% – driven totally by the CPAC 5 (as well as the members of staff that were hired). The board claimed they didn’t want a news site, and the league would function absolutely fine without us, but since our departure they have had to link their discord on the CP Online discord to try and keep the league alive:

The CPAC 5 had no interest in the CPO/CPR/PS debate, we simply wanted to aim for community unity and for a top functioning news website – which we began to achieve with CPOAL in a matter of moments. As far as we were concerned, it could have been any community as long as we were making a website we were proud of and made a positive difference to the community. As we can see in the picture below, we made a real difference to CPO Army members and began to shape the league into what they needed. We didn’t share the same ethos as the rest of the board, we just wanted to provide a good community for the people of CPO – we didnt want to own them and dictate to them like the rest.

My Concerns About CPO & CPOAL

It was going well, CPO Armies had an incredible week and we had some fantastic plans – so I had few concerns apart from what I had already been warned about by other people. There were a few things that began the recent raising of concerns. The first thing that distressed me was the fact that the board insisted they controlled every army. To be a part of CPOAL, Epic/Freezie/Andrew had to have some sort of control over the army. Why is that necessary apart from to boost their own power and control? Armies should be free to run how they want – not how a dictator tells them. If you dont do what they like, they will just remove you:

This should be a free community, where armies run how they want. Pirates and Light Troops are purely superficial armies and in no way go down in army history – they get their sizes by having their discord plastered all over the CPO discord. As Epic told us, “anyone can get 2000 site views when you ping it in a discord with 2000+ members” – well the same is the case with the Pirates – anyone could lead them to 150+ when you ping it into a discord with ten times as many members offering free coins.

My concerns then moved on to the influence that CPO Admins and Owners had on the league. You got banned from the league for mentioning the investigations into CPO, you got banned for raising concerns about CPO and the safety of its players and you got banned for even mentioning Waterkid. The CPO admins had a tight censorship regime in place, similar to that of China. They claim its to protect their players, but it is to protect their own backs.

This all kicked off when Atticus made a comment to Bay (which has now been portrayed as ‘constant harassment and bullying’ – I’m sorry but in what world does that link to Atticus). Bay, who got put into the board without any approval from the CPAC 5, got offended at a simple joke that he would make to any of us. The reaction, perhaps signalling guilt, then was incredibly over the top. She got Kiwii, the CPO owner (who had nothing to do with the site), to fire the sites owner and CEO. We can not work in a site where we are silenced, hushed and pushed into a corner to hide things that are wrong – we are not being censored by the CPO owner who shouldnt even be on our website. The board had some nice power and, when we came in to make things fair, balanced and equal in the community they got scared and removed us.

How CPO Army League Functions – Lies, Propaganda & Misinformation

Ever since this kicked off, the CPO Army League seems desperate to throw the CPAC 5 into a bad light. They have been eager to make us out to be the ‘bad guys’ who are some sort of harassment gang. We all know that it is these people that insist they have total control over every army in the league. All we are aiming for is fair reporting, balanced arguments and equitable judgement. We also want to be independent from CPO or any admin – we arent being controlled and told what to do by an organisation that is corrupt and badly run at their core. Below you can see the lies that have tried to be spread about us to the people in their community to try and convince that their removal of the CPAC 5 was justified – these messages were purely sent to try and reassure their people that they are not dictators that do as they please: 

The league has done this before, desperate to point the figure at anyone else to make it seem as if what they are doing is fair and justified. People have been doxed in that community for not doing what the board wanted, so I am not surprised that some of the leaders are scared and dont know what to do. I mean, once theyve given control of the army to Epic and the board what can they do?

Why There Is Only One Genuine Person On The CPOAL Board

While I was in the board it was easy to work out what the actual intentions of people involved were. Epic and Andrew, for example, were in it for total control. They didnt care about anything apart from ensuring that are incharge and have ownership. Iceyfeet was in it so he could influence change in the community for the positive, nobody doubts Iceyfeets morals, but his actual influence in the running of the league is limited. Freezie was the only major part of the board that I felt was in it for the right reasons. While some of his recent actions slating the CPAC 5 is disappointing, I have no doubt that Freezie just wants a unified community that is reminiscent of the old CP Army Community – he isn’t in it for the pure power. However, because of the people he is working with, this will never work.


The CPO Army League is ran by people who want control, and will do anything to ensure they have total say and power of everything that happens in the community. This means they will spread lies and misinformation if they need to do convince the people of their community that they are right. And while they have influence over the CPO Admins, there is nothing really CPO Armies can do without leaving to CPR/PS. I joined to make a difference and unify armies, but it seems that the only true way I can do that is through CPAM – I get now why CPR armies are extremely cautious, I fully understand.


CPAM Chief Executive Officer

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