Statement on the ‘CPAC 5’, and the future of CP Army Media

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters: In a stunning turn of events yesterday, CPOAL removed several prominent members of its administration, the CPAC 5, from its staff. Due to the recent drama revolving around CPO and its league’s practices as well as the controversy around its future, the CPAC 5 took this all in their stride. Having already approached the CPAM Administration separately in the past, it didn’t take long for them to find a new home. The CPAC 5 will join the CPAM team in new staff roles, and CPAM’s coverage will expand to cover CPO Army news. We have taken this opportunity to reorganise our administration team as we look to a new and brighter era!

Our new, reorganised staff team is as follows:

Chief Executive Officer

Atticus, Ayan, Emcee & Kingfunks4

Executive Producer

Pookie437 & Zing King To

Vice President

Dino & Orange

Advisory Board

 DMT, DrFlen, Eden, Supa Em, Superoo, Twitchy543, Ultipenguinj, MrWyoskyguy


CSY & Shad

The CPAC 5 
(& Orange)

We welcome back two well-known members of the community, DrFlen and Shad, onto our staff team. With the addition of the CPAC 5 as well as former CPAC staff member Orange, we would like to formally introduce them to the community!

The CPAC 5 in their typical outfits (from left: Funks, Supa, Atticus, Superoo, and Zing). Orange is not pictured.


Atticus was introduced to the army community in 2013 when he joined the Army of Club Penguin. He progressed up the ranks and eventually became a Moderator; however, he then decided to join the Water Ninjas where he eventually became a legend of the former S/M powerhouse. After gaining experience and an understanding of the army community, Atticus became a reporter at Small/Medium Army Press. At this site, he worked closely with fellow CPAC 5 members, Supa Em and Zing King To. In January of 2016, Atticus was named CEO of SMAP. Working alongside Zing, SM Army Press became the premier site for S/M news. Following a brief tenure as SMAC CEO, Atticus reached the pinnacle of news success and was named CEO of Club Penguin Army Central on September 26th, 2016. He remains the only person to serve as CEO of CPAC, SMAP, and SMAC. Atticus will provide a huge boost to the day-to-day running at CPAM and we look forward to seeing what he has to offer.


A revolutionary in the old generation Army Media scene, Kingfunks4 was best known for his several reigns as Chief Executive Officer at CP Army Central during the site’s most successful periods. Elected as a major Army Legend in 2013, Funks was the leader of CP Army Central during the closure of Club Penguin and pioneered tournaments such as the Champions Cup. His major successes as an army leader included propelling the Water Vikings from a small army to become a world power, and to the final of the Legends Cup VII. The only person to be listed on every CPAC Person of the Year list from the start of his time in the community to his initial retirement, Funks looks forward to bringing a new period of innovation to Army Media.


Zing began his career in CP Army News as a reporter at CP Army Central, before taking up the role of Associate Producer at the newly formed SM Army Press. It was here that Zing found his niche, rising quickly through the ranks to become Chief Executive Officer of SMAP and later CPAC, leading both sites through their peaks of views and community engagement. With several awards from the community under his belt, Zing remains one of the old generation’s most notorious and divisive figures, and while away from armies has had several articles published on leading sports blogs.

Supa Em

After joining the Army Community in 2012, Supa Em joined CP Army Central as a reporter in early 2014, and became inaugural Vice President of SM Army Press on its formation. She quickly rose through the ranks to become Chief Executive Officer, but elected in March 2015 to take up a role on the site’s new board, with Zing King To replacing her at the reins. As one of the new Divisional Managers of SMAP, Supa served as the site’s Chairwoman, and was instrumental in brokering the deal which led to its merge with SM Army Central. When SMAC was incorporated into CPAC in 2016, Supa returned to front-line work as Executive Producer of the new combined site, organising tournaments such as the March Madness. In her offline life, Supa is a University student, but will now return to Army Media as an advisor to the CEOs, taking up her old roles of staff training and ensuring high standards of reporting.


Superoo was the founding Chairman of SM Army Press, following a successful period of service at CP Army Central. On the formation of the new SMAP Board, he shared the role of Divisional Manager with Supa Em, and helped lead the site through its Golden Age, before taking part in the negotiations for the groundbreaking merger between SMAP and SMAC. Superoo is best remembered for his live streaming work, revolutionising CP Army World Media’s coverage of battles and tournaments by popularising streaming in the community, allowing CPAC tournaments to reach a wider audience.


Orange first joined the community as a member of the Army of Club Penguin in 2012. Over the course of his CP Army career, he rose to the rank of leader in armies such as Chaos, Water Ninjas, and SWAT and led them to high positions in the CPAC Top Ten, culminating with achieving first place with the Chaos Army. He additionally served brief stints as leader in legendary armies such as Golds, and the Army Republic. In the early days of SM Army Press, Orange served as the site’s Executive Producer, and was invaluable in the rebrand of CP Army Focus to SMAP, and achieved the coveted title of SM Army Legend for his efforts over his career.

Staff Promotions

We would also like to take this time to congratulate some of our older staff members on their well earned promotions!!

Congratulations to Dino on his promotion to Producer, now renamed to Vice President! Dino has been hard at work encouraging reporter activity, assisting in Top Tens and reviewing our posts for readability and content. We look forward to seeing him take on even more of a leadership role as he moves into this position.

Congratulations to Pookie437 on his promotion to Executive Producer! Pookie has taken on various responsibilities beyond what he was initially hired on for. From managing moderators to streamlining the Top Ten, to picking up the slack on the reporting team and lending a helping hand on all things administration, Pookie has stepped up when CPAM has needed him and will continue to do so in blue.

Congratulations to Emcee on her promotion to Chief Executive Officer! Emcee has proven her dedication and commitment to CPAM time and again through continued effort and time poured into its success. While overseeing many different aspects of CPAM, communicating with leaders, and organizing different projects, Emcee will now continue her efforts focused on the overall improvement of CPAM with the other CEOs.

A Bright Future

After this unexpected turn of events, CPAM has a bright future ahead with innovative new staff, fun-filled summer plans and a new map and judging system on the way later today. But with all of these changes, our aims remain the same: to continue to bring you varied content, to strive for the highest quality and impartiality, and to continue to help bring our community together – especially important, we think, in these trying times. We hope you will look forward to this new era with us!

For the final time, the Big Three:


CP Army Media Chief Executive Officer


CP Army Media Executive Producer


CP Army Media Producer

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