Templars Suffer Defacement and Transfer to CP Rewritten

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters ─ The Templars Army, once prevalent in the Club Penguin Rewritten community, made the move to Club Penguin Online several months ago. Yet, after a shocking series of events, they are fleeing the Army League’s administrators and now make their return.

The Templars, created back on April 4th, 2018, are well known in the army community due to their frequent experiences in conflict. Although they originally used CP Rewritten for their events, they moved to CP Online several months ago. The Templars held two events in their final week in the CP Online Army League, the first of these being a ‘Free For All’ Tournament in which they reached a maximum size of 35 soldiers. The other was a US division training session, and they hit a peak size of 30. They have been very successful using the CP Online platform, but recent conflicts have caused them to flee and return to CP Rewritten.

The Templars at the ‘Free For All’ Tournament

Things began to turn sour when Templars founder Xing made pro-CP Army Media and pro-CP Rewritten comments on the CP Army Media Discord server earlier today, May 6th. He described the armies in the CPR community as “cool” and stated CPO Army League figures have “massive egos”.

Xing’s comments that ignited the drama to follow

When news of his comments reached Army League figures Epic and Freezie, an “angry” Epic “forced” Freezie to give him administrator privileges on the Templars Discord. From here, both Epic and Freezie defaced the Templars server in an attempt to “stop them from moving away from CPO”.

Epic asking for the admin role on the Templars Discord

This failed, as Xing and his Templars leadership set up a new Discord server to mark the armies move back to CP Rewritten. Xing declares Epic and Freezie “pushed him to this point” and he had no choice but to leave. Excited to be back in the community with his “OG friends”, Xing states the Templars goals are simply to expand and grow. Fellow leader Brownpen4 told CP Army Media their goal is to one day reach the top position on the Top Ten Armies listing.

Templars are the first army to make the move from CP Online to CP Rewritten following the ‘CPAC 5’s’ dismissal (click here to read about that). Will they be the last, or will many more follow suit? CP Army Media will continue to offer the latest updates in this ongoing story.

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7 Responses

  1. The fact that they tried to stop them from moving really shows their power in the army community over at CPOAL.

    Another army to CPR, another army I might see when waddling around!

  2. Epic101 is a little salty kid.
    We need to remember he had left CPO related discords than attacked me and my fellow templars. He does not get it. There is no way in forever he will ever destroy an army like this.
    Riley has banned people for nothing and was manipulative.
    Kiwii is a slave to the others in my opinion, she used to be so nice and cool, now she’s…different.

    Contrary to the other mods, I think CPOAL are definitely corrupted, but not evil. I appreciate some, such as bay, but, People like Epic should NEVER be in this kind of game… If you like power more than fun, you should never run a game.

    I must’ve been banned 3 times, once by Riley, second time by Idk who, and third time Twaseen. Twaseen was nice. Twaseen is a cool dude honestly. I do not appreciate why I was banned, but the person did his job. It is stupid from them.

    Armies aren’t free either.
    Riley had deleted my past army called the Detectives.
    It was a nice place.
    Detectives were destroyed because of a breakup, rumors said. Riley had a fit of anger, and decided he had enough of being an admin, to become a dictator.
    I then joined fellow Templars, our allies.
    Same happened, but different motivations and reasons.
    Epic became the new Riley, so we had two Rileys on our hands.

    If you want more information, please send me an email.

    And if anyone decides to spam or to hack the mail, trust me, I will find you.

  3. I’ve been in the Templars for 3 months. And as i was in there, i saw drama going on, armies vanishing adn all of that in CPOAL.

    Honestly i think to myself:”Who put this admins to be admins?!” like Jesus Christ this is a kid’s game and you’re making drama out of it, ruining everyone’s fun just because some leader said you have massive egos like wth man the f*** up. I am very glad that we moved to CPR, because i think that if we stayed for at least 1 more month we would get involved in somes serious things

  4. Good move, Xing.

  5. good job

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