Army Leaders Vote, Judging & Map Approved

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – Army leaders gathered in leaders chat yesterday to discuss potential overall changes to CPAM structure. After World War Rewritten, it was clear that a system without judges was hindering any progress armies would make in war or territory ownership. After multiple complaints and two days of meetings with army leaders, our staff would have a new judging system approved as well as a new CPAM map, revitalizing the old CPA one for present use. How will this new system work? Let’s find out!


In WWR, armies declared victory regardless of the outcome, especially in close battles. Without a clear winner determined, the war ended in a ceasefire and no clear victor. For there to be a real resolution, armies requested a new system be put in place and after discussions on how to structure it, one was finally voted in.

The vote on judging led to the creation of a new format. Armies will request judges for their invasions at least 24 hours in advance in #updates. If a judge isn’t selected by the armies battling by six hours before the battle, judges will be chosen for them. While we will try to provide three judges, only an odd number is guaranteed. If both armies can agree on one judge, then there will only be one. The Discord server will now have a #judge-apply channel where people who would like to judge can list their experience. It will also have a #battleground channel where judges will announce rooms and results. They will then report this to the map staff which will be elaborated on later. For better communication on judging standards and expectations, a judge chat will be provided where a guide will then be posted. Judges will attend the battle and only reveal their decision once it is concluded that neither side can come to a decision. These are the details of CPAM’s first judging system which coordinates with our new map.


The judges voted yes on the revival of a map in coordination with the judging system. The map would be re-introduced considering the decrease in disputed territory that judges would imply. The proposal included a map reset and initial capitals.

The CPAM Map is a revival of the CPA one. Klondike, CPATG is now CPAM’s new Headquarters. Army leaders are in the process of messaging Ayan their first capital. There is no cap on the amount of servers that an army can own. Judges will post the results of invasions into the #updates channel and the map staff will then update it. Armies can also declare and change their capitals through the same channel. The current map uses CPATG, CPR, and PS servers though it may be updated with more in the future.

With the creation of a map and updated features, we hope that CPAM will continue to thrive and grow while maintaining our slogan of “for the armies, by the armies.” Thank you for the continued support as we continue to work towards making our organization the best it can be.


CP Army Media Executive Producer

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