SWAT Faces Leadership Turmoil: Zuke Fired

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – In the past few days, Special Weapons and Tactics, better known as “SWAT” have gone under a number of leadership changes following the turmoil within the army. However, it seems as if they have finally resolved their internal issues despite facing a serious identity crisis from the CPO Army League board.


The legendary SWAT army was resurrected by Zuke, Sweater, Jaylen, and Cargo in early April 2020. The army quickly exceeded all exceptions averaging sizes from 50-60 and claiming to have reach 100. They also had multiple SWAT legends return to help the generation such as Taco, Lights, and Doms. It was evident that this version of SWAT was their golden generation.

SWAT exceeding 50 at a US training session

The Banishment of Zuke

Recently however, SWAT had undergone a multitude of leadership changes. These changes included Jaylen being forced out, and a plethora of different figures retiring. This left the army with just Sweater, Larden, and Zuke as leaders, with SWAT legend Badboy overseeing them. This leadership began to have turmoil when Zuke began to abuse his power through firing loyal owners and disrespecting many former SWAT legends and troops. On May 4th, SWAT finally announced the coup of Zuke. Badboy made a post explaining their reasons for this decision in a long post titled “I Warned You, You Did Not Listen”. Here’s what he had to say:

Frozen Zuke is hereby removed from the SWAT leadership, never to lead this army ever again. If he wants he can be 2ic under our new leadership that will currently just consist of me temporarily and Sweater until I can find a suitable replacement, but I doubt he’ll take me up on that offer. Anyways, I’m gonna just going to give you the full explanation as to why this was done…basically after I made that post Zuke went ahead did his thing anyway and decided he’d just mock me at your events, a SWAT godfather who was in this army far before Zuke even had knowledge of this game, and ban/abuse me on chat simply because we share different views. At first I didn’t really care much honestly I was just here to help at events and reunite with old friends. But after I’ve been around the past few weeks I’ve began to see that more and more people do not like being around Zuke…Then I find out Zuke, who by the way owns his new site and is the only main owner on discord chat, didn’t even give Rocks above author until he had to edit the ranks page, which is ridiculous. If you’re a leader and you are working with someone there needs to be trust and respect between both parties, otherwise how are you going to be successful? Cargo had to basically beg for admin too before being removed by Zuke after retiring. The amount of disrespect to SWAT legends & troops put on display by Zuke is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated any longer.

In this post, Badboy states that the primary reasons they decided to fire Zuke was because of his abuse of power and disrespect of the army’s current staff and former legends. He explains how other leaders weren’t even given admin on the site, settling for author roles before having to beg to get their roles increased. He noted that the final action that set this all off though was when Zuke “fired half the owners for no good reason.” This led to Bad gathering all of SWAT’s loyal owners and veterans for a meeting where they decided the coup was necessary.

Later on in the post Bad apologizes for denouncing the generation at first and hindering their recruiting efforts. He gave them their full support, even temporarily returning as leader until they are stabilized. He gave SWAT the old site and bought them CSS and a new domain to kick start this new era. They also moved on to a new discord server since the previous one was owned by Zuke.

The following day, SWAT leader Sweater described his own recollection of the events that occurred for Zuke to be fired. He states that from the beginning, he always knew that Zuke was not fit for leader because of his attitude. Despite his harsh attitude made him intolerable despite his talents as a recruiter. Sweater goes on to explain the rest of what happened here, including Zuke’s reaction to being couped:

To nights ago, my friends’ meme army became official on CPO:AL and they had been active on their server. This was an issue for Zuke. His power hungry ass couldn’t control them on there, and so he fired 7 high command officers in one night. Of course, I had a huge problem with this move. I added all of my high command to a group chat and assured them nothing bad would happen to them, their ranks would be reinstated, and I made my promise…When Zuke had found out we moved servers and removed him from the leadership – he had immediately began threatening our leaders and owners. I have a video of him threatening us (it’s a voice clip from Snapchat) and I will gladly DM it to anyone who asks. Zuke is a mutant, and is nowhere near legend status.

In this post, Sweater describes how he and his friends made a joke army for fun which led to Zuke firing 7 high command officers. This is what ultimately led to his banishment. In retaliation, Zuke began to threaten SWAT leaders and owners. Sweater ended his post stating how he will be solo leading, while Badboy and Cargo would lead temporarily until their officers are ready to be promoted.

“Fake” Generation?

One issue that they were facing however was that the CPO Army League, the governing body of armies that operate on CP Online, denounced Badboy and Sweater’s SWAT, calling it a fake generation. Zuke, who still had ownership of the previous SWAT server, used it to create his own SWAT. Andrew24, one of the head of boards, claimed that Zuke was the true owner of SWAT and proclaimed his version the real one. This was controversially against the other Head of Board, Freezie, who advocated for Badboy’s SWAT.

This began to cause issues as Badboy and Sweater claimed their SWAT was the real one, despite not being recognized by CPO Army League. Badboy’s primary argument was that their SWAT had the approval of many SWAT legends including himself, Cargo, and Lights while even having approval from Ganger90, the creator. They claimed they also had the original SWAT site. Despite these valid arguments, their SWAT was failed to be recognized, being told that they had to hold an event first to even count as an army.

However, Zuke’s SWAT did not go well. Zuke’s website got defaced and all the events got transferred to the original website. Eventually they recovered, and in a post on the new website, Zuke claims that it was Sweater who attempted to deface them. Furthermore, Zuke got his CP Online account banned due to recruiting with four autotypers, something that is against CP Online’s policy. His SWAT has yet to hold on an event it is safe to say that they may be dead. Nonetheless, the support Zuke’s SWAT had from the board angered Badboy and the rest of SWAT, denouncing CPO Army League’s ability to truly lead a league in a unbias way. They felt as if the board was abusing their power for Zuke.

Despite all these issues occurring, on May 6th, Badboy’s SWAT finally had their first event back under their new leadership. Despite all the internal turmoil that occurred, they were able to reach sizes of 35 at their return event on Outback, proclaiming this era as their new age.

SWAT with 35 at their return event


*DISCLAIMER: The opinions in this interview are Badboy’s, they do not represent CPAM beliefs.

Interview with Badboy, current SWAT Leader

I caught up with Badboy to ask him about his opinion on the entire situation from why they banished Zuke to their response to CPO Army League discrediting their generation.

CPAM: How did the entire situation escalate to this point?

Badboy: Well to my knowledge I was just observing for a week hopping on here and there and one night it seems the whole army flooded me with PM’s asking me to remove zuke and let them use the OG site to continue on without him. Being a SWAT legend and seeing what zuke was doing the last few weeks, I could not turn my head. Something had to be done and I did it.

CPAM: Why do you think Zuke acted the way he did before and after his banishment?

Badboy: Zuke for one has never been stable, even in old armies this guy would literally spam ganger for hours on end to make him a leader and legend back in the day so much to the point ganger went afkstore permanately. (true story dudes still AFK till this day) He’s somehow convinced that he’s more of a legend than me, someone who’s been in the army for five years on and off compared to him who was in SWAT when armies were dying out and couldn’t get along with a single person. We all know zuke isn’t capable of leading this army and is certainly not a legend despite whatever nonsense conversations he makes up having with ganger. We all live in reality, I can’t say the same for zuke but just know SWAT is now back in the hands of the real vets and troops not some powdy manchild mustapha headass

CPAM: Why do you believe the CPO Army League discredited your SWAT despite having approval from many legends and even the creator?

Badboy: This is funny actually I’m glad you asked. So for years Andrew24 and his crew has done this thing to zuke where they troll him on every chat with puns and jokes making him feel like he’s apart of their squad when really they’re just making fun of him. Now Andrew, wanting to preserve his lifelong joke with his buddies obviously isn’t going to support me taking SWAT over zuke bc then it’s obvious he was messing with him and he doesn’t want him to figure it out. And then you have ganger who simply does not want to hurt his feelings and refuses to come on to tell him that his SWAT is nothing anymore. Me, I don’t care I’ve told zuke all of this I don’t sugar code anything I don’t care about hurting your feelings. The bottom line is Andrew should be professional for once stop joking and recognize that my discord has the entire army there with a site with two domains now all CPO and discord proofed and new troops are flowing in by the minute so idk why it’s even a discussion but I guess a jokes more important than letting the kids have fun right? Because if you look at the facts zuke threatened people in SWAT and other armies more than one way on discord chat and there’s proof and screenshots of all of this that have been brought to CPAOL staff regarding the matter that were blatantly dismissed. That should have been a good enough reason but again the jokes more important to these guys than letting the kids know they have an unbiased media outlet. Honestly it’s sad but some things never change I guess CPAOL is only good for their coins but CPAWM will offer real and fair coverage and I thank you guys for that.

CPAM: How do you, Sweater, and Cargo plan on rebuilding from this situation?

Badboy: We’ve already rebuilt like I said we moved back to our original site owned by ganger himself it looks perfect all updated to 2020 CPA times with CSS and updated pages everything recruits will need to be a part of SWAT. We maxed 35 at our first event today after moving discord’s on only two days notice. Now with more leverage to recruit with the changes we made on site new recruits have been coming in more numbers tonight and we expect to see around 60-70 on Friday.

CPAM: Do you have anything else you would like to say regarding the entire situation?

Badboy: Like I said earlier, I do not want to discredit zuke for anything I believe what he did with SWAT was good but in the end his poor judgement got him removed and he had fair warning. So I hope he learns from this. Besides that, thank u for ur time and glad to see chaos doing good as well :heart:

Overall, Badboy provided us with his opinion on the entire situation. The most significant part was his analysis on the situation with CPO Army League. Bad claims that Andrew was promoting Zuke’s SWAT over a running joke him and his friends have about making fun of Zuke. He targets Andrew’s unprofessional attitude to the situation, claiming that CPOAL was biased in this situation, completely neglecting the importance of an army over a running joke.

Despite all the issues SWAT has faced over they past few days, from Zuke abusing his power to Drew denouncing their generation, SWAT has managed so escape from this situation unscathed.  Currently being led by Sweater, Badboy, Cargo, and recently returning legend Lights, they are looking to continue this generation without the toxicity and rebuilding their empire.

What do YOU think? Should Zuke have been couped? Was CPO Army League being corrupt? Will SWAT be able to return the sizes they once had? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Media Vice President

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  1. Zuke’s SWAT and discord has since been “shut down” and Sweater’s SWAT has been verified on CPO:AL. Badboy and Sweater’s SWAT is the only swat.

  2. What a story. Nice interview Orange. Badboy explained it very well.

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