Golden Guardians: The Latest Major Force

ZIPLINE, Golden Guardians Empire – The Golden Guardians are a new creation by a group of CP Army Veterans, and they have taken the CP Army Media community by storm with a successful launch event.

The Golden Guardians launched around four days ago, under the creators Pjayo, Tymatt, Buddy and Adden. All of these have been leaders of former world power, the Water Vikings. Under their leaderships, amongst others, they managed to cement the Water Vikings as the 10th best army of all time, according to CPA Central, reaching two Legends Cup finals.

These four, perhaps unsurprisingly, therefore wanted to bring back the Water Vikings for another big summer. However, they struggled to gain access to the website from former leader Bepboy. After a few days, they decided to therefore abandon plans to relaunch the Water Vikings and instead created a totally new army – the Golden Guardians. The initial launch of GG was further boosted by the merging of the Shadow Troops and Warlord of Kosmos into this army. The leadership consists of the creators as previously mentioned, plus Thomas83514 and Superhero123.

The Golden Guardians, who strive to ensure that their troops ‘stay golden’, started off their launch with a battle against the historic Metal Warriors. It was an incredibly successful first event for GG, who managed to reach sizes of around 25. The Metal Warriors admitted that the Golden Guardians were victorious in this battle, with both armies seen in action below.


Golden Guardians use igloo emojis in a plus formation, as the Metal Warriors flower bomb. 


25 Golden Guardians can be seen in a horizontal line.

The Golden Guardians have shown that they have a lot of potential, as they could hit even bigger sizes over the coming weeks. Their next event is an invasion of Sleet, an unoccupied server on CP Rewritten, as they look to claim more of the server map. Nearly 40 troops have reacted to say that they will be attending this event, and may be further boosted with several Marines troops moving over.


I interviewed Thomas83514, Golden Guardians Leader, to find out more about the launch of this army.

CPAM: Why did this army end up to be known as the Golden Guardians, whose idea was that?

Thomas: I can’t take any credit for the name, the first time I heard it was when Pjayo mentioned it.

CPAM: Why did you decide to become involved in the Golden Guardians?

Thomas: I firstly got involved in the Shadow Troops, I returned to the community after a two-year retirement. I revived ST and wanted a strong US division leader alongside me. I had never even spoke to Pjayo until that day we got to work on our army. More relevant to the question, I decided it was a good idea as Pjayo was going to the Golden Guardians, alongside Tymatt who I have also worked with in the past. I didn’t want to lead the ST alone so we merged ST into GG since Pjayo and I had worked well together in such a short amount of time.

CPAM: How do you feel the launch event went against the Metal Warriors?

Thomas: To be honest, since it was a first event, I really didn’t know what to expect. I anticipated fairly decent sizes, since Warlords of Kosmos had merged into Golden Guardians as well, of course this would add to our size. After the event I was thrilled from what we were managed to achieve, and I was pleased with the performance of the Metal Warriors too. I’m now excited for the Golden Guardians army’s next challenge.

CPAM: How successful do you think this army will be in the coming months?

Thomas: The army will be as successful as we make it. With good input from the high command to the newly joining troops, the army will continue to grow as we are very ‘enthusiastic recruiters’ here. I’m hoping we rise to become a world power in the community and reaching 3rd in the top ten is an attainable goal. I’m also looking forward to seeing how the army will progress with the current leaders who have sufficient army experience, and even entering some tournament battles and see where we go from there. I can’t see in to the future but I can certainly try and predict the milestones that the army are likely accomplish, from the effort people of the Golden Guardians are putting in every single day.

CPAM: Perfect, thanks Thomas.

Thomas: No problem Funks, thank you.

This interview shows that Thomas and the rest of the leadership are happy with how the army has performed so far and is optimistic about the future and what the army can achieve, including goals around the Top Ten and tournament performances.


What do YOU think about the launch of the Golden Guardians? Will they manage to compete with the Army of CP and Rebel Penguin Federation at the top, or will they flop? Comment YOUR opinions on their first event.


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  1. I think that the Golden Guardians are destined for success. How can they fail with Buddy as a leader?

  2. GG GG

  3. All hail the great leader Buddy! lol

  4. Army of veterans, huh? Sounds dope. I hope I will see them powerful one day.

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