Night Warriors Move to CPR || New Leadership Created

FOG, Night Warriors Capital- After a short stint on Club Penguin Online, the decision was made that the Night Warriors would be moving to Club Penguin Rewritten. Under a new leadership, expectations remain high and the army is ready to open a new chapter.

In 2009, Cowsboyfan13 created the Night Warriors of Club Penguin. The army would grow to become one of the biggest armies of all time. After Club Penguin’s closure in 2017, Night Warriors were ranked as the 9th best army of all time. Throughout NW’s history, they have had amazing leaders such as Vendetta, Tomb, Pochoma123, Andrew24, and Toysoldier.

In November of 2019, Epic101 and Vxenty revived the Night Warriors. The two leaders led the army for a couple months and reached sizes of up to 30+ consistently throughout the generation. Despite the success, Vxenty was unable to fully dedicate himself to the army and NW was declared dead in February of 2020. Despite this, the Night Warriors would eventually return in May of 2020.

Night Warriors Opening Event In May of 2020

In May of 2020, the Night Warriors were returned under the leadership of Toysoldier, Flen, and Ben. Toysoldier was an alt account for Epic101 as he wanted to disguise the fact that he was still in armies. At the Night Warriors opening event, the army was able to achieve 65 on CP Online. This was considered a huge success and everyone had their attention on NW.

After NW’s opening event, Flen made the decision to step away from the army and also removed “Toysoldier” from the leadership. As Ben remained the only leader, activity began to slow. Throughout all of this, Flen understood the problems that CP Online had and was worried about the safety of his army. On May 6th, Flen announced that the Night Warriors would be moving to Club Penguin Rewritten. This decision angered Ben and he decided to deface the Night Warriors site at the request of Epic101. Fortunately, Flen was able to restore the site and successfully move NW to CPR.

After restoring the site, Flen announced that Dino, Games, and Olimad would be the new leaders of the army. In order to gain more information, I was able to interview Dino to find out his goals and ambitions for the new CPR army.

Interview with Dino, Night Warriors Leader

CPAM: As a new leader of the army, what will your leadership be implementing in the army to achieve success? 

Dino: We will be implementing a new revamp of the army. Ranks are being updated/redone, a new recruitment system, the nation/empire page is being restored, and a planned army economic system with our own bot to make up for not being eligible for CPO’s coin system. Every army I touch, wether temporarily leadership or long-term, I try to make an impact and make sure the army is left in excellent condition. I’m not going to be leader of an army just to plug myself on a leader’s page and do little to reshape the army. We hope our current goals, and much more, lead this legendary army to success. A legacy like NW shouldn’t be neglected so badly as it was in CPO.

CPAM: Has NW established when the opening event of the new leadership would be?

Dino: We are looking forward to Sunday for our opening event. With that limited time, the leadership is going to be rushing around the clock to polish up the server and to make sure we are ready for an event. 

CPAM: What expectations do you have for the army?

Dino: I expect us to establish a permanent maxing of 10-15 every event. It’s definitely a low expectation but it’s meant to be a starting point. By the end of the month, we can hit a max of 20 and follow from that. 

CPAM: Thank you for taking the time to answer my interview questions. Do you have any last thoughts that you would like to share with the CPAM readers?

Dino: NW doesn’t plan on backing down. We never do that. We’re not the heroes nor the villains. We do what we want. As always, we are the might of the night. 


New Night Warriors leader, Dino, appears to be prepared in leading the army as they open up a new chapter on Club Penguin Rewritten. In the interview, he mentions that the opening event is scheduled for Sunday and that he expects the army to consistently hit sizes between 10-15. At the end of the month, it is his hope that the army will be able to max 20+ on CPR. It will be interesting to see how the economic system operates that is being implemented into the army. If this new idea works, it could erase a key advantage CPO armies have, free coins. Overall, the Night Warriors appear to be heading in the right direction. As summer approaches, NW could establish themselves as one of the major armies on Club Penguin Rewritten.

Comment YOUR opinion about the new Night Warriors leadership. Will the Night Warriors be able to establish themselves as a dominant force on CPR? Share the thoughts YOU have below!


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  1. I feel like NW will do great with this kind of leader. Looking really promising!

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