Penguin Saloon: The New CPPS on the Block

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters ─ Amongst all the developments in the Club Penguin Armies community, a new Club Penguin Private Server has made its debut. With everyone’s eyes on it and lots of moving parts, this will be a Live Blog, and will be updated as things develop.

Although the original channels were deleted by a rogue staff member of Penguin Saloontheir Discord community stayed strong, and garnered a lot of interest, and even its very own Penguin Saloon Army League before the servers were online. There are currently over 20 armies registered on PSAL, which have exclusive permission to recruit players into their groups.

Some of the most unique features of Penguin Saloon include an optimization tab, which allows players to switch between day and night, and the AS2 graphics and map layout to the AS3 mode. Of the 5 available servers on Penguin Saloon, they also announced a mature server, Tavern.

Penguin Saloon’s unique Optimization Menu

The founder of Penguin Saloon is Prime, also known as Joey Hues on Youtube, is the current center of controversy regarding both his videos towards CPO and his creation of a new CPPS. Over the course of the last 2 weeks, a lot of drama and action has occurred both on and off the new CPPS and its Discord.

Penguin Saloon during the Beta Test Party

With their Discord server being attacked from the inside, Admins Prime and Hash had to repair the damage that had been done. They held several polls and reached out to hire more staff in their final days before the intended launch of the servers. During this time, on May 1st, Prime announced his department from Penguin Saloon and CPPS as a whole due to the threats posed to him and his family, leaving the ownership of the game’s direction and Discord to Hash.

“Hello, I am informing everyone today I will be leaving Penguin Saloon and the CPPS Community as a whole. I will be leaving the full ownership of the game in the hands of @Hash… I hope to see Penguin Saloon flourish and become a great community and CPPS. Thank you for everything y’all have done for me. Love you all”Prime

Hash began their work on prepping the servers for release, but glitches and server limitations forced a temporary delay on the release while they upgraded their VPS.

On the night of May 3rd, Penguin Saloon’s Beta Party was launched alongside their servers for penguins to explore and bug test. However, the servers quickly were shut down around 12:40am ET. Although, it was thought to be a DDoS attack, it was later seen as an overload of users joining to the servers, which later saw another upgrade. The Beta Test Party was extended as more bugs were being fixed.

For a few days, things were running smoothly, with new content being added, servers becoming gradually more stable, and the introduction of more armies, mascot tracking, and an engaged community.

However, it would not last before more drama ensued. Another CPPS,, accused Penguin Saloon of stealing the assets of their “Night-mode Rooms” and using them as their own. PS admits fault in using the same rooms but claims it was never their intention to steal work, released in a statement by Prime:

“I can confirm that indeed the rooms were stolen. Now I would firstly like to Apologize to, It was never Penguin Saloons intention to steal any of your guys work. If I would’ve known that the rooms were stolen I can assure you these rooms would’ve never been added to the game.” Prime

Penguin Saloon’s Current Night-mode room, in the Plaza

On May 6th, Prime left the Discord server to move on to his new project, Grand Theft Penguin, a mature CPPS. Hash made several posts in announcements about Prime and Hash’s creative differences between creating a Penguin Oasis successor, or a CP remake. Prime didn’t want to make an Oasis continuation, so the team began making PS more of an original Club Penguin remake. Hash stated his differences on the issue, and members of the staff team began to resign.

Hash and the staff team had doubts about continuing to work on Penguin Saloon, and left it up to a community vote on the fate of the Penguin Saloon. With an overwhelming majority in support of keeping the CPPS open, work went on.

Hash’s announcement about the fate of Penguin Saloon

Since Prime’s departure from the Penguin Saloon staff team, he began working on Grand Theft Penguin, formerly named Penguin Resort, with some of his former staff that had transferred. GTP had a focus on Oasis-like functions and more mature content. Prime made a statement about his shift to GTP from PS, as well as other remarks:

“Hello, I know a lot of you are in shock from me stepping down at Saloon. To clear things up. I was not hacked, I was not forced, I was not harassed, I was not blackmailed to join Penguin Resort. I simply joined because I have no desire in Owning and Operating a CPRemake. I can’t run and manage something correctly if my emotions and feelings don’t match. [Grand Theft Penguin] is trying to revive the Oasis and .Me feeling and also adding amazing features never seen before to any CPPS. Penguin Saloon is a great game but its just not the Game for me. I will reside here and be fully committed to helping [Grand Theft Penguin].”Prime

A log-in page for Penguin Resort, now named Grand Theft Penguin

In the early hours of May 8th, Prime took control of the Penguin Saloon twitter, promoting his new CPPS. By 1am ET, Hash and the others had reclaimed it. Prime had been calling out Penguin Saloon for blatantly storing users’ IPs and storing them, but Hash defends the action, stating in their Privacy Policy they do this for security reasons.

“The Penguin Saloon Twitter has been recovered, and things have been resolve among this between us and GTP regarding the Twitter. I would still like to say that this was incredibly childish for Prime/Dom to do. I would also like to state again that IP’s are stored for security reasons only.”Hash

As Penguin Saloon is still in its Beta and Grand Theft Penguin is in the works, there is a lot to be excited about as these two budding CPPSes develop. Will Penguin Saloon last more than a few weeks? What is to come of Grand Theft Penguin?

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


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