Templars Make Successful Return On CP Rewritten

DEEP FREEZE, Templars Empire – It has been turbulent times for the Templars following their defacement by the CPO Army League Board, leading to their switch to CP Army Media and CP Rewritten. That did not faze them, however, as they had a very successful return.

The Templars, a major army on CPO Army League, have been the first of several armies to relocate due to concerns both with the operation of the league and concerns over the safety of CP Online. Xing decided to move his army over to CP Rewritten due his admiration for the unity and fairness of the community at CP Army Media.

Considering that they had to change their discord as a result of the attacks and defacement of their previous server, the Templars moved incredibly quickly to reestablish a new discord and spread the message out to their troops. They quickly arranged a new event on CP Rewritten, and as you can see below managed to hit sizes upwards of 25 – not far short of what is expected of this major army.

Templars use puffles emote in a plus formation

This has shown that the Templars still retain a strong and loyal player base, and hold the potential to grow and be a world power in the CP Army Media community. They continue to be led by Xing, Brownpen and Micderper, who have proven over the course of this year that they are capable leaders.

Templars use the ‘sick’ emoji in the Docks.

It will be interesting to see whether the Templars can continue the success that they have already found on their return to CP Rewritten. Their next event sees them invade the unoccupied territory of Glacier (a server on CPA: The Game), found on our newly created world map.


I interviewed Templars Leader-In-Training, and former Leader, 4207b, about the Templars’ switch to CP Rewritten and the success of their first event. The thoughts expressed in this interview are, of course, not those representing CPAM.

CPAM: Do you think it was the right decision to switch back to CP Rewritten?

4207b: Yes, I do. With all of the proof presented about Riley being a pedophile and a bunch of other things going on in CP Online, I agree that it was the right decision to switch back to CP Rewritten. CP Rewritten is the home of Templars, and I personally believe that we as the high command could recruit more people on our home instead of CPO. Templars needed to get away from the toxicity and drama happening in CPO & CPOAL. in my opinion, it feels like a breath of fresh air to get away from said toxic environment and move somewhere a bit better. a lot of people may have been conflicted over this situation, and i know it is hard to choose but we are not forcing our members to leave CPO. They can stay there if they want, however, it is highly encouraged that they come with us.

CPAM: How do you think your first event back on CPR went?

4207b: I think it went pretty well, we maxed 24 and averaged 21. Unfortunately I was unable to attend the event due to me oversleeping, but I am pleased with the outcome of it and we returned to our homeland successfully. The only thing I wish that was different was if I was actually there so I could see the amazing outcome firsthand. We have a couple of invasions coming up this week as well.

CPAM: What do you think the future holds for Templars in the coming months?

4207b: I think the future holds more success for Templars in the coming months. I know that the high command will be working hard to make the size of this army increase and we will work on training our troops to do tactics more efficiently. We may be great right now, but no army is perfect so it is great to seek improvement. Back when templars were on CPO, I judged a division battle for templars (we had our own judges) and I saw that the troops weren’t doing tactics quick enough or that the leaders of each division were being slow with the tactics they were doing. Everyone in templars seeks improvement, and that’s alright. In the future, i believe we will be bigger and better. We will pose a great challenge within the CPAM community, and we might make history. Who knows?

CPAM: Excellent, thanks for your time

4207b: Much love, good luck on writing the article!

As you can see, 4207b explains that they moved to CP Rewritten due to the toxicity and poor atmosphere at CPO and CPO Army League. 4207b is happy with the first event and thinks that they can still improve into the future. Templars propaganda minister, Jack283, also wanted to add this message:

The great prowess of the Templar empire may be the single most underestimated quantity of metric of this world. The brutes will take our soldiers and control them. Do not give yourselves to brutes who do not care for you. Do not give yourselves to men who treat you like machines. You are not machines, you are men! You have the ability to fight these brutes. Give yourself to Templars and fight for the supreme commander!


What do YOU think about the Templars transfer to CP Rewritten? Was their first event a success and will they be a strong force in our community? Comment YOUR opinion on their return.


CPAM Chief Executive Officer

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  1. What a successful regime! The powerful Templars. Only the fools and the unloved could fight such a genius army.

  2. Glad to see Templars! They do look strong.

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