We Need You: Top 10 Troll Armies of All Time

KLONDIKE, Zing’s Office – With the current censorship running rampant in CPAM and CPOAL, with armies discriminated against due to their names, never has there been a better time to relook at some of the best and most influential troll armies of all time.

Throughout army history, we have had such a diverse community. From serious big league armies maxing sizes in triple digits, an entire community of medium based armies hoping to one day break into the upper ranks of the Top Ten list to smaller armies that simply do not take off.

A special class of army also exists within this group. Not bound by the usual laws of how armies work, these armies give us a new alternative outlook on how we use this community to have fun.


Following several calls from members of the community, I have taken the decision to stand against the establishment, and their rules on giving platforms to “Troll Armies.” I stand to say no more. No more will armies be discriminated against in the news due to their name. No more will army leaders be criminalised for bringing fun and excitement to the community.

Instead, we choose to cherish these hero’s of our community. Without these armies, our community will have been a much more boring place. With less to do, and historic moments ripped away us from, it is high time we show our appreciation for these armies, and for the leaders who dared to step out of the shackles of their media masters.

I am going to be creating a Top Ten list, ranking the very best Troll Armies that we have ever had in our community. This will include all platforms, and the old generation of Club Penguin. I am going to be appointing a Task Force to help me decide these people, and collectively, we will be called the TROLL TRACENDA.

We are looking for individuals to join the TROLL TRACENDA. Your duties will be meeting with other members of the Troll Tracenda via Discord to help formulate the Top Ten. You need to be able to come up with arguments as to why your chosen army should rank on the Top Ten. You must be decisive and able to make decisions. You must have a good knowledge of the community and what trolling is.

This is a cross party idea and it does not matter what platform you are from. We are open to all walks of life to join the TROLL TRACENDA, which I will keep bolding and capitalising until it catches on. If you wish to join the TROLL TRACENDA, and help us make the list that will go down in history and  honour some of our forgotten legends, either reply to this post or message Zing King To on Discord, I can be found on the CPAM or Nacho Army Chats.

Current members of the Troll Tracenda include:

  • Zing King To
  • Orange
  • Tymatt
  • 2funky3
  • Koloway
  • Dino
  • Atticus947
  • Kingfunks4

With more vacancies open, now is the perfect time to apply. We are also open to suggestions for armies to be put on the list, as well as your arguments for it down below in the comments section. Please comment on this post any army you think deserves to rank, your reasons why, and their website!

What do YOU think? Tell us who YOU think deserves to be on the Top Ten Troll Armies of All Time list. Who should we attempt to hire for the TROLL TRACENDA?

Zing King To

CP Army Media Executive Producer

2 Responses

  1. I love it. You need Pookie and Koloway for sure,

  2. What’s the catch?

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