Meet the CPAM Administration: Dino

Blizzard, Club Penguin Armies Media HQ- Dino has been in plenty of armies and held multiple positions. Currently, Dino is the leader of the Night Warriors and Vice President of CPA Media. Continue reading to hear Dino’s views on army politics and more. 

Dino’s wiki page is a bit outdated but it lists all of his previous armies and highest ranks. To recap, he has been in armies since 2015. He was recruited into the army community by the Dark Warriors. He spent a majority of his early army career in RPF, an army he still supports and loves. He briefly led a short-lived CPAC 8th place army called “Light Workers”. In addition, he was in Help Force (2018), became an ACP mod, led Romans, led Lime Green Army, and is currently the leader of the Night Warriors.

Interview with CPAM VP, Dino 

CPAM: Since you’re in LGA and CPAM, how do you manage the work of both?

Dino: I just take my time to do one responsibility before heading to the next.

CPAM: That’s wise, when did you become staff in CPAM and what was your initial reaction?

Dino: I first became a reporter-trainee right when CPAM opened (so around early February). At first, I played to both report and do graphic designs. But I was only given reporter-trainee. Nevertheless I was pretty content with my job and after 2-3 weeks of being inactive, I bursted through the ranks of CPAM with vigor and activeness.

CPAM: If you could change one aspect about armies what would it be and why?

Dino: If I could change one aspect, I’d be the toxicity. Toxicity is army culture and even I indulge in it. But, the toxicity we’ve been seeing with black mailing and flag pissing is honestly unfortunate. Armies would be a much better place if the toxicity was toned down or eradicated in general.

CPAM: I’m sure most people can agree, as recently promoted to vice president, what exact role do you play as part of the CPAM staff and what do you have in store for the community?

Dino: I play an important role in getting articles pushed out and helping administration. My plan as VP is to have multiple articles produced per day to turn CPAM into a powerhouse of army news.

CPAM: That’s really enthusiastic and I’m sure everyone is looking forward to it! Now let’s step away from army topics for a bit, how would you describe yourself?

Dino: I describe myself as a very laid back person. There are times I may be furious but I’m mostly always chill.

CPAM: What would you say to those who see that furious side on display more and would hesitate to converse with you?

Dino: I would tell them that they genuinely don’t know me. I love to vibe with people. To see me always furious is nitpicking my entire personality.

CPAM: Could you give me an example of a TV show/ movie or song that relates most to you?

Dino: I am unable to give an opinion regarding that subject. I’m my own persona, my own self.

CPAM: Perfectly reasonable answer, Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Dino: My advice to everyone who’s resigned to this: Be a leader, not a follower. Don’t be afraid to step up and take on responsibilities. As long as you don’t overwork yourself, you’ll one day reach the levels of high positions and respect.

When asked for a visual, Dino’s best way to visualize himself was of his favorite solo artist George Harrison in 1979.

That concludes the interview with CPAM’s Vice President Dino! Who would you want to be interviewed next? Emcee? Atticus? Let us know in the comments below!

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