Uganda Be Kidding Me: Defence Force Shake up Leadership

KLONDIKE, Zing’s Office – With the Ugandan Revolutionary Defence quickly becoming one of the most popular and supported armies in the community, allegedly, Manu has come to the popular belief that there is strength in numbers appointing two more leaders to help fight for the cause.

On May 9th, it was announced that the Ugandan Revolutionary Force had opened their doors in order to help and support Uganda. The decision was met by extremely positive reactions from the community.

Uganda is a country in East Central Africa, that has recently been hit and affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. With issues running rife in the country and it’s politics, many in the country have found themselves calling out for a brave knight to defend them.

Demonstrating fabulous tactics, a drive on different tactical manoeuvres and a variety of bombs and techniques – the Ugandan Defence Revolutionary force have proven that they are a master class in how to defend accurately. With that being said, Manu has recently found himself doing some sole searching in an attempt to ensure that the army can grow strength to strength.

Manu recently appeared on the CP Army Media official discord server. There was shock and fear when the presence of Uganda’s forgotten son appeared. He gave the humble but intimidating warning that the Ugandan Defence force was in fact coming for the servers of all other armies in the community. With the mission statement now etched in the minds of all, Manu set out a plan to ensure that this happened.

Proving that some times the act of simply chilling can pay off, Sniper entered the chat soon after the first historical event of the Ugandan Revolutionary Defence Force. Sniper’s appearance on the discord server was branded as surprising. Within seconds of being on the chat, the news broke that Sniper had accepted an offer to become a leader of the URDF.

Claiming that they would be leading the URDFCP to greatness, Silent Sniper and Manu look to stop at nothing to ensure that they manage to achieve their goals of establishing dominance in the community, restoring glory to Uganda, winning the Legends Cup and ranking on the historic Universal Top Ten.

Despite logging off the discord server just before the event, it was soon announced that Koloway would be joining as a Ugandan Warlord. We here at CP Army Media reached out to Koloway’s family for comment, his mom stated that she knew her brave little boy would one day become a Ugandan War Lord.

With the dream being etched in Koloway’s brain since childhood, it will be interesting to see how he takes his new position and runs with it. Koloway now looks to support Manu and Sniper in helping the URDF accomplish it’s goals in timely fashion.

What do YOU think? Can anyone stop the Ugandan Revolutionary Defence Force now? Will Koloway and Sniper be able to work with Manu in the army?

Zing King To

CP Army Media Executive Producer

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